Looking back at this season's recommended movies ~Vol.04~ "Solo part full of individuality"

It's the second half of the season. However, there will still be opportunities to ski powder, and on a positive note, thanks to the skiing so far and the warm weather, the body is more mobile and now is the time to enjoy more freestyle play. Now, in this series, we'll be taking a look back at this season's Free Run editorial team's recommended movies that are currently available to watch online. Some of you may have already checked them out, but all of them are movies that will increase your desire to skate. The fourth installment is the solo part of riders who are full of individuality. Let's be intoxicated by each style and character.


Ryo Aizawa “ORIGAMI”

A full part by Ryo Aizawa, who appeared in the November and December issues of 2023. All of the photo footage published in the magazine is also included in the movie. Is it because of Aizawa's creative and stylish approach to the streets, or is it the direction of the video editing? No, it's probably the result of a perfect combination of the two. The result is a piece that really oozes an urban smell. This is truly cutting-edge urban snowboarding.




Snowboarding is fun. That's what everyone thinks when they see Zeb Powell playing the park. He's hitting rails in impossible places on the board, making jumps on long powder boards, and landing flat. Anyway, the aura of enjoying snowboarding is overflowing. The variety of super riding that comes from his incredible physical ability is sure to get you excited for the upcoming park season!



Toshiki Yamane “FULL PART 2023”

Whether it's a simple grab trick, a highly difficult spin trick, or even a comfortable-looking pow turn, every move he makes is cool. Toshiki Yamane has a style that convinces everyone who sees it. 3 minutes and 2 seconds of footage he shot in Japan over three seasons. This is what style is all about. I want you to feel it.



Sage Kotsenberg “FULL PART”

Full part by Sochi Olympics slopestyle gold medalist Sage Kotsenberg. It has been a long time since he left the competitive world, and he has appeared in many films as a mountain freestyler. His latest work was shot over a period of about four months in large-scale locations such as Utah, Wyoming, Canada, and Alaska. was held. Just when you think he's conquered the steep slopes, he goes into the backcountry with high-speed spins and a series of creative plays. I want you to see the evolved form of Sage.



Toru Ishiyama “SAGE TIME”

``SAGE TIME'' is a compilation of footage shot over three seasons by Toru Ishiyama, who is in charge of the Marunuma Kogen Park in Gunma. In contrast to the slow first half, which mainly features jumps, the second half features street footage flowing at a fast pace. Many off-shots and crash scenes are included before the first cut is filmed, so you can learn about the behind-the-scenes of the filming process.


【Extra edition】

From here, we will introduce a movie starring Masato Toda and a short movie by two popular overseas riders, although it is not a pure solo part.


“CHOICE” starring Masato Toda

I was concerned that his name wasn't on STONP, which was revived for the first time in eight years. With his outstanding body control and board control, Masato Toda is able to skate with full style in any location. The movie ``CHOICE'' stars him. It's no exaggeration to say that you'll be missing out if you don't watch his fun on the line while on the street, his impressive style, and his hard-hitting attacks. An extremely intense 8 minutes and 7 seconds that also co-stars Fuyu Suzuki and Souhi Nagasawa. This is an irresistible movie for jib fans.



Arthur Longo & Blake Paul "CANADIAN VACATION"

Arthur Longo, the master of side hits. And Blake Paul, the prince of the backcountry. This movie is a movie shot by these two popular riders at Whitewater and Revelstoke, resorts in BC, Canada, in March 2. The first half is mainly about backcountry and sidecountry footage, but the second half, after the credits have finished rolling, is about playing around with resort side hits. Please use this as a reference for ski slope cruising in the second half of the season!



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