The double camber model "DESIRE W" that appeared in the lineup as a reprint this season.Introducing the latest technology, powering up and complete revival _NOVEMBER snowmaterial

WING ROCKER is fused with the shape of the new DESIRE
A new sense of Gratley model is born
NOVEMBER snowmaterial

Size: 138, 142 (Unisex)
147, 152, 156 (Men)
Price: ¥ 96,800 (tax included)

The first DESIRE, which adopted the double camber shape (WING ROCKER), had high free riding performance utilizing strong edge grip as well as flexible adaptability corresponding to various conditions.And even in Gratley, it was loved by many Gratley fans because of its outstanding feeling that enables light board handling during tricks.In response to the enthusiastic requests of fans, DESIRE W has made a complete revival as a reprint of this season.
In the new DESIRE, the nose and tail are cut by 3 mm each, and the weight of the swing is reduced and the new outline improves the stability during sliding, but the DESIRE W also adopts a new shape.The performance of WING ROCKER CAMBER, which is a hybrid of the merits of full camber and full rocker, was dropped there.While featuring the nose unique to rockers, the ease of pulling up the tail, and the ease of driving, the weight of the swing weight has been reduced to make it easier to turn, and the new outline has upgraded the sense of stability when sliding.In addition, WING ROCKER CAMBER demonstrates outstanding buoyancy and running performance in off-piste, and high adaptability in natural hits. Compared to DESIRE, the actual ride quality is also significantly different, and each is finished in a board with its own charm.
In addition, with the complete revival, the range of size development has expanded, and it has become possible to select the best size from all 138 sizes from 156 to 5.

DESIRE W adopts double camber (WING ROCKER CAMBER), and you can enjoy a different ride from DESIRE.
The shoulders of the nose and tail have been changed to a square shape to enhance the ease of taking off and the rotational force to enter the trick.
Both feet of DESIRE W are equipped with a uniquely designed DUCK PLATE (TYPE4) that improves impact resistance and operability.Therefore, although it is a twin tip, each stance setting direction of regular and goofy is specified.

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