Check out the new models in the video!! From the popular PRISM to the new FREE LINE, pro riders talk about the appeal of the latest ALLIAN models.

2022-2023 ALLIAN
Guratori, Park, Carving, Powder
A lineup of high-performance models that enable aggressive riding

ALLIAN is researching and developing excellent products every season to respond to the feedback of riders such as Ingemar Backman. In the 2022-2023 season, we will release a new FREE LINE to meet that demand.In order to enjoy pure free riding and unknown powder riding, the novel outline born from completely new technology and concept has become a big topic at the test ride event.And the flagship model PRISM series is also powered up. PRISM GIRL got a new modern shape while maintaining the ease of riding.

ALLIAN has a lineup of snowboards for every snowboarder's style with great ride feeling and outstanding gliding performance.Watch the rider's impression video and find the best board for you.

Reliable best performance board pursuing "fastest and strongest operability"

ALLIAN's best-selling model "PRISM" with a classical outline and camber shape that emphasizes operability and high-speed stability, and explosive pop power. The overwhelming gliding performance of the NANO CARBON sole and the good operability of the mid-flex have been proven by winning titles in numerous freestyle / freeride competitions.The fastest and strongest all-round board that takes a lot of time and money to develop.His INVISIBLE with the same specs and black base design is also popular.
Size: 150, 152, 155 (PRISM) 150, 152, 155, 158 (PRISM INVISIBLE)
Price: ¥ 83,600 (tax included)

"PRISM LTD" focused on running performance and carving performance

An aggressive freestyle model with a tapered shape with a wider outline and a thicker nose than the PRISM.As a result, the running performance in powder and rough roads has been greatly improved, and you can enjoy from the top to the bottom of the snowy mountain with this one.In order to retain the freestyle element, the setback is not included, and the perfect balance is achieved without the length of the nose.
Sizes: 150, 152, 155
Price: ¥ 83,600 (tax included)


The camber value of the front and rear feet has been adjusted (2mm front / 4mm rear), and a newly developed twin camber shape that combines pop feeling, grip power, and running power is installed.The three sidecuts, which take into consideration mobility and turn elongation, are calculated to maximize the ALLIAN's high-speed gliding performance.In addition, the long early rise nose and strong tapered shape enable dream-like floating and traverse in any deep powder. "FREE LINE" will lead you to a quiet mountain where no one can reach.
Sizes: 156, 159
Price: ¥ 85,800 (tax included)

Freestyle board for all-round fun

A twin camber model that boasts outstanding operability with high pop performance despite its soft flex. The carbon fleece and loosely winged twin camber, which are only used in ATLANTIS, create outstanding operability and resilience.Rocker with enough buoyancy in powder riding and quick side curves make it easy to carve on hard slopes.It will always raise your motivation to the highest level regardless of the level from beginner to advanced.
Sizes: 148, 151, 154
Price: ¥ 74,800 (tax included)

Jib & Guratori is decided by this

A model that has gained high support from Gibbar & Gratrimania around the world.Soft flex, mid camber, yet excellent repulsion and stability.The ollie's ease of setting and balance performance in approach and landing are of a high level finish comparable to ALLIAN high-end models.The thick nose and tail and deep side cuts are designed for running and pressing tricks.This reasonable price while using the IS 7610 sintered base with high-speed gliding performance.
Sizes: 147, 150, 153, 155
Price: ¥ 74,800 (tax included)

If you want to master skate-like skating

"GRIND" was developed based on the concept of enjoying snowboarding in a skating-like way with guratori, rails, and boxes.Especially for spin and press tricks, this "GRIND" would be perfect.The contact length is shorter than other freestyle boards, the tip and tail swing weights are lighter, and the camber value is lowered to adopt a slightly slanted kick shape to improve handling and press stability. I am raising it.A board that can be played widely from beginners to stylish advanced players.
Sizes: 151, 153, 155
Price: ¥ 63,800 (tax included)

Carving board designed by ALLIAN

The carving board designed by the freestyle special brand ALLIAN has a unique riding feel.The easy-to-operate outline allows for high-speed carving on wide slopes groomed early in the morning, and light reverse skiing.Arranged in an X shape in the center to make the most of the supple repulsion of the basalt fiber.It has been improved so that you can enjoy tenacious riding using torsion.
Sizes: 151, 155
Price: ¥ 81,400 (tax included)

A high-performance girls model that has been improved and powered up

ALLIAN's flagship model, PRISM's girls model "PRISM GIRL" has been upgraded with a new outline.While preserving outstanding operability, overwhelming gliding performance, and pop repulsion, the tip and tail have been reshaped to make the swing weight even lighter.Both the outline and graphics have been reborn as modern visuals.
Sizes: 140, 142, 145
Price: ¥ 77,000 (tax included)

Highly complete model recommended for all levels

An all-mountain board that allows you to enjoy the excellent gliding performance that is a feature of ALLIAN at a reasonable price.Despite its soft flex, the firm carving performance and stability of the camber, as well as the light weight and repulsiveness of the board, will encourage even beginners to steadily step up.A board with a high degree of perfection that has the potential to satisfy advanced freestylers.
Sizes: 140, 142, 145
Price: ¥ 77,000 (tax included)

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