NEVER SUMMER pursuing ease of riding, exploring the power of high-performance snowboards

"NEVER SUMMER" has been manufacturing advanced snowboards for over 30 years at its own factory in Denver, Colorado, USA.It has high performance and firmly demonstrates the performance that fits each riding style required by snowboarders.For that purpose, we always carefully select high-quality materials, do not run into the cost performance of mass production, and emphasize to provide quality without mistakes by handcrafting.NEVER SUMMER is now highly regarded in the global market as a brand that symbolizes MADE IN USA's high-performance snowboarding.

As many of you may already know, the biggest feature of the NEVER SUMMER board is the rocker camber (RC) technology that has evolved to produce the optimum performance for various scenes.Based on this original structure, NEVER SUMMER has created many attractive boards that bring out the possibilities of endless tricks in freestyle such as parks and gratri.Furthermore, recently, the attention of free riding boards is rising rapidly.Introducing rocker camber technology tailored to the characteristics of riding, attractive boards continue to emerge in powder, natural terrain and grooming carving.


Grooming carving with powder
The definitive super all-rounder with fun tricks

PROTO SYNTHESIS has introduced a unique camber structure called "SHOCK WAVE RC" that appeared in the previous season and has received high praise for its excellent ride quality.By making the camber part longer based on the double camber shape, controllability is greatly improved compared to the conventional standard camber, and while having freestyle mobility, free riding is improved. ..Originally, the camber shape has good grip, but it is difficult to control if the rider's skill is not sufficient for control.However, this shape designed based on the double camber has a very good grip like a camber board, and in addition to being easy to grasp the trigger of the turn, very smooth control is possible.Furthermore, it is characterized by being able to fully demonstrate flotation with powder.

PROTO SYNTHSIS is a next-generation all-mountain twin-tip board that maximizes the advantages of SHOCK WAVE RC and enjoys all-mountain.Even in a difficult and rough burn, if you step on it with both feet, it will be in a state of being weighted evenly and well-balanced at three points, and if you step on the front foot and hind foot, you can step on either one and maintain the balance of the turn, which is also excellent in recovery performance.This ease of riding will definitely help you improve your riding skills.It's more stable than ever and you can enjoy speed.The center part has a rocker shape, so the board is easy to handle.You can enjoy freestyle movements without any problems.The title of Magic Board is just right.

NEVER SUMMER technology that has evolved the double camber shape and further improved performance.Each of the feet has a long camber, the balance with the rocker shape of the center part is exquisite, and it has a sense of stability and recovery performance that other boards do not have.

The nose has a slightly overhanging shape, forming an exquisite side curve line to bring out the ease of riding.In addition, the buoyancy of the powder is sufficient, and you can slide down freely while feeling a sense of stability.

Since it is a twin shape, naturally the tail part is also slightly overhanging.You can switch with powder, and it is easy to control with the tail as the fulcrum.

The rocker part of the center part is effective enough for the ease of handling the board and the buoyancy of the nose part in powder riding.

Super all-round performance that allows you to play all terrain and all conditions, it is a new sense board that truly symbolizes evolutionary all-round

Overall length: 155 cm
Effective edge length: 119.8cm
Waist width: 25.4cm
Side curve radius: 7.43m
Other sizes: 152, 158, 161, 157X, 160X, 159DF, 162DF cm (X is wide version, DF is super wide)
Price: ¥ 101,200


Given in search of more innovative riding
3 camber sections

The evolution of NEVER SUMMER does not stop.This triple camber shape is newly introduced this season.By making the outside of each stance, the center part and everything in a camber shape, there are four contact points.The effect further improves edge hold and stability.Demonstrates operability that flexibly responds to all slope changes.This TRIPLE CAMBER PROTO FR is a board with further improved buoyancy and control in powder snow, carving in compressed snow burn, pop power that draws out sufficient ollie power, and gear of ease of riding pursued by NEVER SUMMER. Compared to PROTO SYNTHESIS, this is a board that adopts a directional shape and pursues more free riding.You can experience the outstanding sense of stability given to slide down the all-mountain.

The flat area is slightly longer in front of the camber part of the nose part, which enables smooth handling. Three camber sections make it highly adaptable in conditions and applications

The edges firmly capture the snow surface around the four contact points.

Outline that keeps wide to the tip part to generate sufficient buoyancy in powder riding

Overall length: 156 cm
Effective edge length: 118cm
Waist width: 25.6cm
Side curve radius: 7.24m
Other sizes: 160, 164, 157X, 161X, 165X cm (X is a wide version)
Price: ¥ 101,200


High evaluation is concentrated from powder rubber!
Outstanding buoyancy, this season this board is full of powder

The powder-based free riding board "HARPOON" has been attracting attention from many powder rubbers since joining the NEVER SUMMER lineup last season.A camber is placed at the foot of the rocker in the center part, and a FUSION rocker shape that draws out sufficient buoyancy with a long nose is adopted, and the outline with a long and wide characteristic nose.However, the appeal of HARPOON is that not only the powder but also the snow-packed carving is in very good condition.Despite having a slightly wider waist width, the performance such as exquisite handling, sharpness and stability of carving is exactly the magic of NEVER SUMMER.The perfect control performance for matching with the snowy mountains of Japan is also linked to its popularity.

FUSION RC shape with rocker between stances and a little camber at the feet.There is a long flat area in the nose (both MEN'S / WOMEN'S are used for HARPOON)

Overall length: 156 cm
Effective edge length: 116cm
Waist width: 26.2cm
Side curve radius: 7.95m
Other sizes: 148, 152, 159 cm
Price: ¥ 101,200


For powder-loving female snowboarders
New model pursuing ease of riding

Even women can enjoy powder with confidence if they have this board.A model that developed HARPOON for women to fulfill such wishes. With the FUSION rocker shape and HARPOON's unique outline, you can easily run through the powder and enjoy a stable carving turn in the snow-packed burn.The waist width is well-balanced with the size of the female foot, so it is easy to control.The color is a little different from that for men, and the coloring that seems to be a female board is also familiar. Called "WOMEN'S", there is no doubt that you can experience the ease of riding more than the UNISEX model by adjusting everything.In addition, the high-performance model of NEVER SUMMER has a very light board weight, which is a merit that women cannot miss.

Nose part with sufficient length and width.It has enough buoyancy, keeps cruising easily even with deep powder, and is hard to stall.

Overall length: 148 cm
Effective edge length: 110cm
Waist width: 24.8cm
Side curve radius: 7.60m
Other size: 144cm
Price: ¥ 93,500

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