@ Rusutsu Resort vol.2 Mari Mizukami's "Backcountry Slope]

This project is to introduce a backcountry-like slope.It was triggered by many comments such as "I want to ski outside the ski resort" and "I wonder if I should climb the snowy mountains alone" to me who is skiing in the backcountry.

Even if you are taken to a backcountry guide, you can only rely on your skills to slide on tree runs and deep snow.First of all, it is a project that I started with the desire to introduce backcountry-like slopes all over the country in order to hone my skills on the backcountry-like slopes and take steps to gain experience.

(Continued from vol.1)

We enjoy the best powder and no track slopes at Rusutsu Resort

I forgot to take a break and kept slipping.

Sliding surrounded by trees makes you feel close to nature.

When I was a beginner, I called a drift turn and made a turn by shifting my hind legs.

If you can do that, it will be the way for all snowboarders to remember the carving turn.


The position of the hand also affects how the powder rises.

The carving turn uses the edge of the board to make a turn while keeping the center of gravity of the body in the center.

It is a way of slipping where only one edge line remains.

However, it is very deep, and even the same good rider has a completely different head position and body tilting method.

Normally, there is a shape of the upper body that enters the turn just before the turn, but his sharp turn raises a powder smoke in an instant without any warning.

Maki's favorite razor return exploded.

I will give you a blast in an instant.

The cameraman doesn't even know when to turn,

It's a powder turn that makes cameramen cry.

Maki Miyazaki's razor return.
The way the powder rises is also beautiful.
It's a model of how to raise powder.

Inspired by his turn, he continued to slide while being aware of the shape of the powder.

Rusutsu is a treasure trove of tree runs.

Even if it is called a tree run, the distance between trees is different,

Those with a narrow sense of wood and wood are more technical and less speedy.

A tree run with a wide space between trees is recommended.

In Rusutsu's tree run, the distance between trees is exquisite.

Anyway, the course is so wide that I can't go around in a day.

Maki says that Rusutsu Resort is a home slope

He took me to a point that only various locals know.

Even if you don't mind if it's a video, if you cut it into one frame of a photo,

I was often not satisfied with the position of my hands and the height of my posture.

I kept practicing the turn consciously this season.

It's a blissful time to draw a line on the barn of the face vine.

That's why it was very easy to understand that Maki-san's carving was important.

Taking a picture together in Rusutsu, I feel that the powder turn is different for each person, just as the carving turn is different for each person.

Reading in the woods may also have a healing effect.


Slopes that look like backcountry skiing in the woods are rare.

The powder is also deep and it is not enough if the powder goes up.

Experts called professionals check not only the height of the powder but also how it rises.

This is because you can tell what kind of turn it was by the shape of the powder and how it rises.

If you give the powder while the board is shaken without stepping on the board firmly, the shape of the powder will change.

It's not a beautiful parabola.

The powder that I gave while slipping and slipping has a silhouette with a lot of unevenness and the snow rises.

Slide down EAST.In front of you, you can see Mt. Shiribetsu, a large mountain on the WEST side of Rusutsu. EAST and WESY can be moved back and forth by gondola.

Keep conscious of getting as clean powder as possible

At the Rusutsu Resort session with Maki, I thought again that I would continue to slide in the future.

Powder turn, tree run,

At Rusutsu Resort where you can experience the snowy mountains like a backcountry

If you can practice, you will surely improve quickly.

To get the image you want in the backcountry, we recommend skiing on a backcountry-like slope.

Rusutsu Resort is just one of my recommended backcountry slopes.

It is a mountain that makes me want to come again next season.


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ラ イ ダ ー

Masaki Miyazaki 23 years of snowboarding history Korua shapes, Drake binding, North wave boots

Regular stance F24R3 52.5 cm


ラ イ ダ ー

Mari Mizukami Snowboarding history 26 years

GNU snowboards, Norrona, Drakebindings ,Northwaveboots, Spy goggle, Hestra gloves 

Goofy stance F21 R3  51.5 cm


カ メ ラ マ ン