SABRINA's flagship board "BULLET", trusted by riders _SABRINA SNOWBOARDS

Top level quality
Adopts a composite wood core made of the lightest paulownia wood and the highest quality cypress wood.

SIZE: 139, 141, 143, 147
PRICE: ¥ 103,400

A high-quality all-round model that has long been highly praised as a high-performance model representing SABRINA. Not only does it have an excellent ride quality, but also the careful and beautiful finish produced in Japan gives it an appeal worthy of the title of ``top quality.''
Adopts a combination wood of paulownia and cypress, and has a core filing design with an exquisite balance of torsion and flex. With a twin tip camber shape and PRT installed in the center of the nose and tail, you can experience high ollie and quick response and high overall glide performance.
You can fully bring out the vibration absorption, stability, and jump height at high speeds.
Recommended for female snowboarders who want to improve their freeriding skills on compacted snow slopes or jumping tricks in the park.
This is a board that is highly trusted by riders. Sold in a limited edition of 50 pieces. Be sure to get your hands on it and aim to improve your freestyle skills.

What is DMI CORE?
A composite wood core made from paulownia, the lightest of the woods, and cypress, the highest quality. The perfect combination of fine and consistent paulownia and cypress makes it extremely lightweight yet extremely durable. Furthermore, it has a built-in PRT that increases repulsion and stability during ollies, providing the strongest performance.

Standard camber shape. The best balance was developed to suit women's leg strength, and it provides all-round performance.
The nose and tail have built-in PRT that brings out sufficient repulsive force for ollies.
The beauty of the finish is unique to domestic boards. The deck's chic wood grain graphics also exude a sense of luxury.
The sole uses sintered base/ISO7700. It has excellent sliding performance and allows comfortable riding in various snow conditions.

>Advance Gear Special Feature 2024-2025 SABRINA SNOWBOARDS
>Introducing TRACKER PRO, a freeriding model for women that is compatible with powder, carving, and terrain, and enables higher-level riding.
>``LOUVE'' is lightweight and soft, yet has sufficient repulsion and stability.
>CHERRY is a hybrid camber board for kids aiming to improve their skills.


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