The time will come when you can fully enjoy the real pleasure of snowboarding this year.There are probably many people who already have various snowboard items.In order to enjoy riding comfortably, hard gear such as a board is of course important, but the performance of goggles is also a very important item for performing the riding that you imagine.
Goggles deteriorate surprisingly quickly depending on the frequency of use and how they are used.In particular, be careful of those who put it in a bag or closet without doing maintenance after using it in the previous season. You want to avoid problems like "Let's go skiing" when you put on the goggles and the goggles are cloudy or the pads come off.
With a fair amount of snow expected this season, the performance of the goggles you use will make a big difference in keeping your visibility slippery and comfortable.Anon's goggles are the item I want you to check once.Anon's goggles are loved by many top riders both in Japan and overseas.Its features are a high-performance lens created by introducing advanced technology and a unique function that pursues convenience. Anon goggles have been refined in every detail to create the perfect level of comfort and vision that riders demand in the wide variety of conditions and applications they face snowboarding.

The fastest and most reliable lens exchange system "MAGNA-TECH®", which is synonymous with Anon, and "MFI®", which seamlessly connects goggles and face masks using magnets and protects the face from UV rays and the cold, Isn't there a lot of people who are already paying attention?

However, the place I want to pay the most attention to is the original ability of the goggles. Anon's lens technology.So, first of all, let's explore what kind of features the "PERCEIVE LENS" adopted by Anon is.

If you wear goggles and look at the snow surface, you can clearly see the good performance at a glance.

For goggles, various manufacturers are competing to develop high-performance lenses such as dimming and high contrast.In such a situation, the strength of Anon's PERCEIVE LENS is that it looks natural and clearer.
The most important thing in riding is to be able to clearly check the subtle topographical changes and surface conditions of the snow surface.The snow surface varies from powder to compacted snow, ice, and man-made objects.Furthermore, the sharpness of not only the snow surface but also the state of trees and small bushes is a big advantage in riding.
Also, in bad weather, the ease of riding itself will change depending on the visibility that can be secured.
In the method of creating a high contrast to create a clear field of view, we emphasized "corresponding to every scene" and adjusted the brightness and darkness of all colors, not just the colors related to the snow surface such as white to blue. PERCEIVE LENS was developed by introducing the function to
By adjusting the lightness and darkness of all colors and emphasizing the contrast, there is no feeling that special colors are emphasized, so the appearance is well-balanced and very natural.And the effect of the lens allows us to see things that cannot be seen with the naked eye.
If you feel uncomfortable with other companies' high-contrast lenses, you should definitely try PERCEIVE LENS.

ONYX with the lowest UV transmittance, almost like a black mirror

The right lens for all weather

PERCEVE LENS is roughly divided into three types.By selecting these lenses according to the conditions, you can ensure clear and best vision. The M3 and other high-end series come with a bonus lens that covers CLOUDY, so you can handle all conditions.

▶ ︎SUNNY:Sunny lens.Equipped with a filtering effect suitable for strong light, it softens the glare on the snow.At the same time, by increasing the contrast and making it easier to recognize the colors entering the field of view, it is possible to ensure a natural and clear field of vision.
VLT (ultraviolet transmittance) 6%=ONYX
VLT (ultraviolet transmittance) 14%=RED
VLT (ultraviolet transmittance) 17%=BRONZE

▶ ︎VARIABLE: A lens that can be used in a wide range of sunny to cloudy weather.Equipped with a filtering action suitable for a wide range of light intensities, it makes it easier to recognize the terrain in various conditions on snow.
VLT (ultraviolet transmittance) 21%=BLUE
VLT (ultraviolet transmittance) 22%=GREEN
VLT (ultraviolet transmittance) 34%=VIOLET

▶ ︎CLOUDY:Cloudy day lens.Equipped with a filtering effect suitable for weak light such as cloudy weather, snowfall, and night games, it makes it easier to recognize the terrain even when visibility is poor on snow.VLT (ultraviolet transmittance) 53%=PINK
VLT (ultraviolet transmittance) 59%=BURST
VLT (ultraviolet transmittance) 72%=NIGHT


Natural vision with PRECEIVE LENS expands riding possibilities

Natural vision on snow with Anon goggles.There is little distortion even through the lens, and the appearance is similar to that of the naked eye, so it is a big advantage that the eyes do not get tired when wearing goggles.
Furthermore, the water and oil-repellent coating applied to the outer surface of the lens prevents dirt, scratches, and fogging, keeping the lens clear and easy to clean.Each series has a lens setting that matches the color of the frame and belt.Depending on the UV transmittance, the way you see will change, and it will also change depending on your eyesight and preferences. If you buy Anon goggles, it is important to pay attention to this lens color when choosing.


Anon's high-end model equipped with a spherical lens that ensures a wide field of view.

Price: ¥ 40,700
Frame: Amber
Lens: Perceive Sunny Red (14% / S3),
Spare Lens: Perceive Cloudy Burst (59% / S1)


A popular model equipped with a stylish flat lens in addition to the high functionality of the M4.


Price: ¥ 40,700
Frame: Navy
Lens: Perceive Variable Blue (21% / S2)
Spare Lens: Perceive Cloudy Pink (53% / S1)



A model equipped with a spherical lens in a unisex frame that fits a smaller face.

Price: ¥ 40,700
Frame: Black
Lens: Perceive Variable Blue (21% / S2)
Spare Lens: Perceive Cloudy Pink (53% / S1)



A model equipped with a flat lens in a unisex frame that fits a smaller face.

Price: ¥ 40,700
Frame: Jade
Lens: Perceive Sunny Bronze (17% / S3)
Spare Lens: Perceive Cloudy Burst (59% / S1)



The standard frame is equipped with a low-profile cylindrical lens that ensures a wide field of view.

Price: ¥ 31,900
Frame: Family Tree
Lens: Perceive Sunny Onyx (6% / S4)
Spare Lens: Perceive Variable Violet (34% / S2)



Equipped with a cylindrical lens that achieves a wide field of view and a low-profile style in a compact frame that fits a woman's face.

Price: ¥ 31,900
Frame: Jade
Lens: Perceive Sunny Bronze (17% / S3)
Spare Lens: Perceive Cloudy Burst (59% / S1)

Seamless mask unique to Anon

The "MAGNA-TECH®" technology installed in Anon demonstrates its overwhelming convenience not only in the connection part of the lens, but also in the connection part with the MFI® face mask.
The first is the speed of installation.If you bring the upper part of the MFI® face mask (mask carrier part) closer to the lower part of the goggles, you can instantly connect seamlessly.and be sure.I can connect the face mask with one hand while riding the lift.Furthermore, there is almost no slippage while wearing, and it stays firmly in place.So warm.
In addition to that, there are various types of MFI® face masks in addition to the ones that come with the goggles.
If you use a helmet hood, Polartec material, mesh, etc. according to the season, you can further enhance the comfort of riding.Of course, the face mask can be easily washed.
If you're going to use Anon's goggles, I'd like you to take full advantage of the MFI® face mask.

(Left) Built-in magnet at the bottom of the goggle frame for connection. (Right) Built-in MFI® face mask carrier on the upper side of the front face mask.Removable for washing.

MFI® face mask variations (introducing some of the abundant variations)


Can be worn over a helmet.Stretch wreath material with excellent moisture permeability is used to keep you warm, easy to move, and prevent lens fogging.
Price: ¥ 9,240



A classic style hoodie and neck warmer come together to keep the cold out.The stretch-bonded fleece material also has excellent moisture permeability, so it keeps the lenses from fogging up while keeping you warm, and provides the comfort of a hooded sweatshirt throughout the season.
Price: ¥ 9,350



Versatile, midweight fabric for optimal warmth and breathability in all weather conditions.A vent in the mouse area of ​​the panel prevents fogging.
Price: ¥ 7,700



The lightweight fabric keeps you warm and breathable in cool and mild conditions.A vent in the mouse area of ​​the panel prevents fogging.Color variations are abundant, too.
Price: ¥ 4,950


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