After a special experience as a medalist ~ Sena Tomita short interview

In February of this year, Sena Tomita became the first Japanese women's halfpipe medalist with a great result of winning a bronze medal in the halfpipe event at the Beijing Olympics.
Armed with high jumps and high technical ability to spin up to FS1080, he has achieved a great achievement that greatly advances the Japanese snowboard scene.

At the end of the year, YONEX, which continues to strongly support her, presents the president's award to contract athletes, teams, employees, and personnel who have shown outstanding performance that year.
Sena Tomita was also selected for the 2022 YONEX President's Award, and the President's Award was presented at the award ceremony where many YONEX employees gathered on December 12th.

Immediately after the OlympicTriumphal return report at Ishiuchi MaruyamaIn an interview, he talked about his journey to winning a medal and his impressions of getting his long-awaited medal.
Just the other day, she declared that this season she will enjoy snowboarding without participating in competitions and use it as a recharging period for the next season.How does she plan to spend this season?


After the Olympics, how did things change around you?
Well, at first I had a lot of interviews, and I often appeared on TV.Even after I returned to Japan, I was still in the winter season, but after the Olympics, I didn't skate many times, so it was a completely different season.Even compared to when I won in Pyeongchang last time, I think that getting a medal this time is so different.Through these experiences, I realized once again the meaning and influence of winning a medal.
I was surprised because I didn't think I could appear on so many TV programs.

Right after returning to Japan, you said that you wanted to convey the joy of snowboarding.
Actually, I want to interact with children more and directly convey the fun of snowboarding. I was very happy to hear messages from parents on social media about wanting their children to try snowboarding.
I also went to say hello to the local elementary school and junior high school.By actually having the children look at the medals, talking to them, and interacting with them, they become motivated to work hard toward their own dreams, saying, "I'll do my best too." I hope you have recovered too.

What do you feel are the benefits of being supported by the YONEX brand?
When I first joined the national team, I was a minor, so I needed someone to lead me to the tournament.But since joining the YONEX team, YONEX has always been there to support me, and there have been many tournaments where I was able to participate because of that.
Of course, the support for the equipment on site is also solid, and if there is a problem, it will be dealt with immediately, so I will not be in trouble and I will be able to concentrate on the competition.
Practice is always done in perfect condition, so we are able to practice high quality.Each player receives support from their manufacturer, but I think it is thanks to YONEX's support that we are able to participate in the tournament in such a calm environment.
I feel that they are supporting me not only with tools, but also with my mental aspects.

How are you doing these days?
I'm still practicing, but I often take it slow.We won't be competing this season, so it's a different season to prepare for a good start to the next season.I think there are many ways to express snowboarding, and of course I love snowboarding, so I want to try various things.

How do you want to skate this season?

Recently, I haven't been skating in Japan during the high season, so I'm looking forward to it.I want to go to various ski resorts, skate with my friends, refresh myself, and show a different side of myself.It's not just about competitions.
I've never been to a full-fledged backcountry, but I'm interested, and I've been invited by many people, so if the timing is right, I'd definitely like to go.
First of all, I have to start by arranging the tools (laughs).

What are your thoughts on winning the YONEX President's Award?

It's been a season where a lot of things have happened so far.
I am very happy that I was evaluated even within the YONEX team.I haven't had much interaction with people from other sports yet, but they were all achieving great results, and it made me want to work even harder.

It has been decided that he will be the guest commentator for J-SPORTS at the "Snowboard FIS World Cup 12/17 Halfpipe Copper Mountain" to be held on Saturday, December 2022th, and the JAPAN team, including his younger sister Ruki, will be able to produce good results. Sena Tomita says she wants to support her as much as possible.
He says that he loves snowboarding and enjoys skating a lot in Japan this season, and will use it as a recharging period to return to the world's top scene next season.
She said, "I want to skate in various places."It's highly likely that you'll see her in high spirits on the slopes yourself.