Really? ?? Lift tickets until 22 years old ...

It's March.
The spring ski season is approaching.
The fluttering snow can be quite difficult,
The best snow season is about to begin.IMG_0023
Now,"Snow seriously 19,20Free lift for 19 years old & half price for 20 years old!
I think many of you know.
In fact, this service continues at Yuzawa Nakazato Ski Resort.
"Smile 21, 22As the name suggests
Half price lift service for 21 and 22 year olds to smile! !!
Moreover, this service is not limited to Yuzawa Nakazato Ski Resort.
The same service is available at Smile Resort Maiko Snow Resort, Muica Snow Resort, Ninox Snow Park, and Asahi Tengston Snow Park! !!

In spring, you can play in the park, bumps, free runs, and more.
And there are many places where the natural terrain remains because of the light snow this year, right?
It's a lot of fun to ski while making good use of it!

Well, after you come to slip around that area!

Click here for information on Smiles 21,22 and XNUMX

About 10 minutes from the interchange, directly connected to Echigo-Nakazato Station on the Joetsu Line!Enchanted powder zone expansion! !!A ski resort that can be enjoyed by many people regardless of level or age   Official Web