Masato introduces "Norry B540" (HOW TO) by TRICK TIP WEDNESDAY 2 [Vol.11]

HOW TO "TRICK TIP WEDNESDAY 2" by Dirty Pimp Crew delivered every Wednesday.This project, which was very popular last year, is back now that the full-scale park season has arrived!

This year's theme is "ground tricks" to play using the terrain of the slopes.It's not just about spinning around.Even those who are afraid to enter the item can use various terrains to bow.Let's improve the skill of the control and connect it to the box or rail!

In Vol.11, Masato is back!
Introducing "Norry B540" this time.It's a trick with a high degree of difficulty, but first, let's aim for the make-up of Nory B180 and increase the rotation to 360, 540!It seems that the first S-shaped turn that creates a trigger is also important.
At the end of the season, TTW is running out, but please enjoy it till the end!

The cast rider isRyoki (Ryoki Ogawa),Masato,34 (Miyon),Shunshi (Shunshi Yoneno),Karin (Kairin Onozaki),Toui (Toichi Suzuki),Conrad (Yamamoto Conrad) OfDirty Pimp CrewIn addition to participating in the OlympicsYuri (Yuri Okubo)Everyone.

We will deliver 5 tricks every week until May, which are the seasonal tricks that riders think are cool!
Stay tuned for next week.

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Director & Cinematographer Yutaro Hirakami
Editor Miyon