The development power of DRAGON that produced the "PXV model" that won the best gear award for the second time in a row.

2010Goggles of the XNUMXs Technological innovation has been carried outDRAGON..From the world's first completely frameless announcement, the current high-end modelPXVBy the time it was born, there was a history of development through feedback from the field.

Highly creative technology that created completely frameless gogglesPXVI got to the model
In the GOGGLE category of FREERUN BEST GEAR CATALOG / BEST GEAR AWAEDS, DRAGON's popular model PXV won the first place for two consecutive years from 2018-19 and 2019-20.
There was a history of DRAGON's frameless technology before the birth of the model, which realized a panoramic view as if no goggles were worn.

DRAGON started in 1993 at Capo Beach, California, USA.We have consistently pursued high functionality and uncompromising design with team riders. In 97, he released a number of famous frames such as developing a predominant DX frame. In 2011, ADVANCED PROJECTS was launched.With a test lodge on Silverton Mountain, located above 4000 meters above sea level in Colorado, development has accelerated in search of "really good products."This is where the world's first fully frameless technology APX was born.After that, the frameless series will be further enhanced with spherical surface, flat surface, size variation, development of a model adopting a new lens attachment / detachment system, and in 2018, it will reach the birth of the current latest model PXV.

Advertisement produced to commemorate the 2013th anniversary of DRAGON at the time of 20
The history of the birth of DRAGON technology has walked with riders.Through feedback from riders such as Jamie Lin, who has been supporting the brand since its inception, we have created creative technology that has never been established.The ADVANCED PROJECTS development lodge is shown in the lower left of the image.

Complete frameless model APX (currently X2011 model) announced for the first time in the world in 1
The first advertisement for the 2011 APX model.The completely frameless design, which was novel at that time, attracted a lot of attention.The word "Less is more" was added with the meaning of removing unnecessary things to the utmost limit and maximizing the required functionality.

In 2013, we announced the NFX, a complete frameless model of flat lenses.
He succeeded in developing a completely frameless technology for flat lenses, and won the Goggles Best Product Award at the prestigious ISPO exhibition in the same year.The realization of flat lenses has made it possible to produce cheaper products, and frameless products have spread to a large number of users.

In 2014, developed an X2 model that further evolved APX
Announced a high-end model that adopted the new lens attachment / detachment technology Swift Rock technology for the spherical frameless model APX. An advertisement from 2014 by Jamie Lynn's riding who walked the history of DRAGON most together.

In 2018, the PXV model with Panotech lens is born
Succeeded in developing PANOTECH LENS®, which has a new lens curve that is different from spherical and flat lenses.Although the basic base has a spherical shape, by suppressing the degree of curve to a level as close to a flat lens as possible, visibility without distortion is realized even with a lens curved on a panorama.It is still explosively popular so that it is sold out immediately from the start of sales.

PXV products

In the 2019-2020 season, we announced a model that adopted DRAGON's early classic logo on the PXV equipped with the latest technology.
It is a neo-classical model that makes you feel the brand ID that is consistent with the history of development.

¥ 25,500 (excluding tax) All 16 colors JAPAN LUMALENS adopted


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