Private YOGA Lesson with Yukie Ueda


Because the living room was completed with DIY

I have a yoga class at home.

The first student to commemorate was Yukie Ueda, a professional snowboarder!


I will talk about this day again at a later date ^ _ ^


This pose is called a board pose (plank) and is Kumbhaka asana in Sanskrit.

It ’s one of the sun worship routines,

This pose is very effective for lower back pain relief and upper body core muscles.

The width of the legs is the width of the waist.

Make sure your wrists are just below your shoulders.

Be conscious of being in a straight line from the ankle to the top of the head.

Gently loosen your elbows to prevent overextension and injury.

Kumbhaka is a pose that makes you forget to breathe so much that it means to hold your breath in Sanskrit.

It is a pose that enhances concentration by consciously continuing to breathe.


This is one of the recommended yoga poses for snowboarders.