High-spec setup of FW that is also active in the French Alps. MANIFEST TOUR 3L JKT & MANIFEST TOUR 3L BIB

Size: XS-XL
Price: ¥ 62,000 excluding tax (JACKET), ¥ 56,000 excluding tax (BIB)

2019An outdoor brand from France that started global expansion in XNUMXFW(FW).Based in Annecy, a town surrounded by lakes and mountains in eastern France, we love the mountain field, coexist with nature, and develop gear to face the harsh environment of the Alps.In fact, FW's clothing uses high-performance materials, combines cutting-edge designs, and is environmentally friendly and durable.Among them, the MANIFEST TOUR 2020L JACKET and BIB setup, which was newly introduced in 3, is designed to have a compact jacket and pants size compared to other models, and the details are reached with the backcountry in mind. It is finished in a precise design.
Let's check each strong point.First of all, the jacket boasts high specs with all seams seamed, water pressure resistance of 20,000 mm and moisture permeability of 20,000 g in preparation for an adventure to the unseen mountain.With proper layering, it will be active at any time from mid-winter below freezing to warm and cheerful spring.Yet, thanks to its stretchy, lightweight fabric and ergonomic cutting, it doesn't interfere with any active movement.Like the jacket, the bib pants are made of a lightweight, stretchy 3-layer fabric and feature an ergonomic design.Above all, the side panel made of CORDURA material is very soft and fully supports smooth movement during gliding and hiking up.In addition, a pocket near the large thigh for multi-entry can store gloves and skins, and is fully equipped with laser-cut ventilation to prevent stuffiness.Despite its high performance, the FW has a new cool style, making it an item that can be worn seamlessly in the backcountry of the harsh Alps or in the city after descending the mountain.
The name FW has the idea of ​​working from a future and progressive perspective when designing innovative products, when adventuring far away, and when giving proper consideration to lovable fields. It is included.With this setup, you will be able to clearly understand those feelings (MANIFEST).

Functional chest pocket
The jacket has a large chest pocket, and the inside of the pocket is laser-cut punched.The intention is to diffuse steam as much as possible even when wet items such as gloves and goggles are stored, and when not storing things, it also works as a ventilation function to let steam from the body escape to the outside.
Zipper for ventilation and hand pockets
If you open this zipper from the top, it will be easier to take in the outside air as ventilation, and if you open it from the bottom, you will be able to access the inner mesh pocket of the jacket.It's a very easy-to-use ventilation and hand pocket zipper.
Convenient thigh pocket
Large pockets are placed on both thighs.Since the flap uses a magnet, opening and closing is super smooth.Also, if you want to increase the capacity, you can do it by opening the fastener located on the side.In addition, thanks to the laser-cut punching at the bottom of the pocket, the structure makes it easy for moisture and steam to escape to the outside even when wet items such as gloves and goggles are stored.
Use calf snaps for easier walking
Snaps are placed on the lower back and hem of the knees so that you can squeeze the lower part from the knees to improve your foot comfort even when wearing crampons.It is also a point not to be overlooked that the gimmick for enjoying snowboarding is casually adopted even in various situations.

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