Banked slalom with the addition of park elements


Kagura Ski Resort Mitsumata Area 2018.4.3

This is a slightly different banked slalom tournament review that adds park elements such as Box and ollie bar to banked.


A lottery that specifies tricks in Box.
If you make it, the number of gliding seconds will be minus.Even if you make a mistake, it will not be added, so there is no problem.
If you drop the ollie bar, the number of seconds will be added.Banked slalom with a slightly unusual rule.

There was also a Snosuke class.

1st Zen Haruyama 2nd at Maki Shigeta 3rd Ryota Sakurai

1st Emi Sudo 2nd Fumino Nakano 3rd Ayako Koyama


It was a banked slalom tournament where the younger generation was active.

Park slalomresult

Please watch the video of the tournament ~


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