Asymmetric freestyle model "WOMEN'S PROTO SLINGER" for female riders who can enjoy not only parks but also jib and powder in good condition _NEVER SUMMER

NEVER SUMMER is for female riders
Actively working on product development

SOLE will be released with the lower left design


Size: 145, 148, 150
Price: ¥ 93,500 (tax included)

With the release of HARPOON's female model this season, NEVER SUMMER is focusing on developing boards that are easier for female riders to ride and enjoy.Rather than developing it as a size variation, the women-only model, which is softer, lighter and easier to handle according to the leg strength of women, and has a perfect fit for performance, and the graphic design of the board has been significantly changed, has been very well received.By making the camber part longer based on the double camber shape with an asymmetrical shape, his SHOCK WAVE rocker camber shape is adopted, which greatly improves controllability compared to the conventional standard camber.It has a very good grip like a camber board, and its asymmetrical design shape makes it easy to grip the turn, and it can be controlled very smoothly.An almighty model that can handle all mountains, including jib, gratri, powder, and free riding, as well as the ability as a park board.

SHOCK WAVE rocker camber shape with longer camber part based on double camber shape
Despite the twin-tip design, the SHOCK WAVE rocker camber shape creates sufficient buoyancy even with powder.
The tail part reverses the design and symbolizes the twin tip.Stability on the switch is unique to twins
Although it is a twin tip, it has an asymmetrical design, so there is a setting on the "HEEL SIDE" side.The backside turn demonstrates excellent controllability unique to asymmetry

> Pre-emptive gear special feature: NEVER SUMMER
>"PROTO ULTRA" which adopted triple camber shape for ultra-high performance twin chip board and further refined performance
>High-performance free riding board "SWIFT" that you can enjoy carving everywhere while being the best powder board
>High-performance free riding board "LADY FR" with triple camber for female riders

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