Introducing the all-mountain freestyle model "C-KENTIAL" that moves freely even in powder and enjoys freestyle_NOVEMBERsnowmaterial

Sufficient buoyancy to float in powder even at medium and low speeds.
Excellent handling

Freestylers should definitely try the C-KENTIAL, a mid-flex model that incorporates the performance necessary for freestyle into a powder board-based design.

At first glance, it has a square nose and tail that looks like a freestyle model, but the shape is 20mm tapered. The camber shape is a powder camber system shape with NOVEMBER's unique low camber base and a rocker in the nose, which provides both powder running performance and easy carving performance, while providing stability in ollies, spins, and landings.NOVEMBERIt has a finish that blends the freestyle performance that is its specialty.

NOVEMBER at the coreUniquely developed ultra-lightweightIt uses an FM2 core, and the board itself is lightweight and has a light swing weight. You can comfortably enjoy carving turns with high control performance due to the good midflex and torsion that is not too hard.

Recommended for snowboarders who want to find gaps in the powder, jump and spin, or switch and play freely. A new model that embodies all-mountain freestyleC-KENTIALIt is.

Powder camber system shape that combines low camber and rocker nose. It provides a well-balanced combination of comfortable riding in powder and stable turns on compacted snow slopes.
Nose that generates buoyancy for smooth running even at medium and low speeds
from nose to tail20 mminto a tapered shape. The tail is also square, which suggests that it was developed based on powder boards.

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