All-mountain board "SMOOTHIE" _ROXY where you can enjoy a high floating feeling

Buoyancy in powder, high gliding performance
Strengthen both sides of edge grip in hard burn

SIZE: 143, 146, 149, 152cm
PRICE: ¥ 68,000 (tax excluded) ¥ 74,800 (tax included)

SMOOTHIE is a highly reliable all-mountain board from the ROXY team that has been improved by a sufficient development period of 10 years.This is the one I want riders who want to run around the entire mountain freely.In the powder scene, the wide nose and tapered tail outline create stable board control performance and sufficient buoyancy in deep powder, and you can enjoy a high floating feeling.In the hard burn, the camber shape at both feet and the corrugated magnetic traction edge mounted on the side curve bite firmly into the snow surface, supporting sharp high-speed turns.

It promises to provide stable gliding in all conditions, whether in good snow conditions or in situations where performance may seem difficult. With SMOOTHIE, you'll surely be able to decide on the most comfortable slashes and big turns.C2 Hybrid: Twin camber shape with camber shape at both feet.High grip on the edges and high stability even on hard snow turns

Uses a magnetic traction edge, which is a wavy edge with protrusions of different sizes.

The nose part is a powder-compatible outline that generates sufficient buoyancy even with wide and deep powder

> Pre-emptive gear special feature
>Girls board, perfect for stepping upROXYNew model"RAINA'
>Freestyle board for advanced players who want to pursue jumps "XOXO'
>A versatile directional board that can comfortably slide from powder to snow-packed burnsBREEZE'

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