Recommended restaurants on Norn Minakami Part XNUMX

Kiln-baked pizza La Bierre
In Minakami Town, we are making efforts to receive various benefits at restaurants, etc. by showing used lift tickets, which is called "profitable with lift tickets".
Today, we would like to introduce "Kiln-yaki Pizza La Bierre", a pizza and sweets shop where you can receive great benefits.
"La Bierre" where you can eat delicious chewy pizza.
At this shop, you will be presented with a "bite ice cream" by presenting your used lift ticket!
The photo is La Bierre's popular dessert, "Minakami Pudding," which melts and melts.
We use local freshly squeezed milk and special eggs.Takeout is also OK.
The special kiln-baked pizza is very delicious!
Please drop in on your way home from skiing and snowboarding ☆

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