Published in the overseas magazine THE SNOWBORDER`S JOURNAL with Noopy BC members (^_^)By Takahiro Nakanishi

It's been a while since I posted.long time no see.

Please let me update you on the current situation.

Recently, the yoga studio I run in Katsushika Ward has decided to relocate.

The property is the wooden two-story building we were looking for and is XNUMX minutes from the station.

That's why

Every day, I had to create various documents regarding properties and future business development and submit them by deadline.


I couldn't go out with friends, and I was so busy with all the things I had to do from morning until night that I fell asleep feeling like I was passing out.

It was the busiest year of my life.

But I want to continue snowboarding, which I love.

Moreover, it is not a sideways ride that can be done every month.

As a professional snowboarder, I want to ski every season, and I work to skate and enjoy life.

I can't afford to hold back from doing what I really want to do for the sake of work.

Living to do what you really want to do.

As a lecturer who uses yoga scriptures to teach people how to be, I can't miss this winter season...

Snowboarding, of course.

In fact, we are thinking of developing a new business in Niseko starting this season.

Of course, the yoga studio in Katsushika Ward is given priority in terms of business, but

If things work smoothly, I'm considering accommodations with yoga facilities in the Kutchan area of ​​Niseko from this season ♡

What I wanted to do in Niseko for several years is slowly taking shape.

I know I can't do it alone, and I need friends around me.

I believe that because I have people who support me and believe in me, I am able to make my dreams come true little by little.

I will always be grateful to those around me and move forward towards my dreams ♡


Meanwhile, together with my family buddy, the mountain climbing dog Noopy BC.

Featured in the overseas magazine The Snowboarder's Journal!



Photo by Takahiro Nakanishi

On this day, I went to the mountains with Noopy and photographer Nakanishi-kun.

To Nitonupuri BC, which is also a walking course for Noopy

Exactly a year ago, I wrote an article about the climbing dog Noopy.

The team members are not only good partners for skating, but also for climbing mountains.


When I go to the snowy mountains, everyone is checking to make sure it's fixed and moving properly.

I also have physical strength.

Let's climb the snowy mountains together this season! !



From now on, I will upload it little by little! !