Check out the new model in the video!! A drive plate that integrates lightness, fit, and board with excellent control performance. Focus on the appeal of the latest BENT METAL models

2022-2023 BENT METAL
Cool design, coolness is outstanding
Bindings that can be customized to your favorite ride feeling

BENT METAL bindings, born from a simple and logical idea, create a unique ride feeling and continue to be loved by snowboarders along with their cool designs.After repeated testing and research with many top riders, we have updated each part to the best and most reliable binding.

There are 3 types of original drive plates (sold separately) that maximize the performance of the board, and there is also a custom fun that you can adjust the flex by exchanging.Check out our lineup of straps that create an excellent fit, flexible construction that adapts to various riding styles, and technology unique to popular binding brands.

Freestyle or freeride

BMWW's completed model "TRANSFER" that dominates all mountains with versatile performance.The direct power transmission of the magnesium drive plate provides precise riding under all conditions.Its accuracy has been proven by team riders riding from the park to the peak of Alaska.
Size: S/23.0-26.0cm, M/26.0-29.0cm, L/29.0-32.0cm
Price: ¥ 49,500 (tax included)

Recommended for aggressive girl riders

"FORTE" is a versatile premium girl binding.An aluminum heel cup, magnesium fiber drive plate and asymmetrical engineered nylon highback combine to deliver versatile performance, comfortable control and responsiveness that will please aggressive riders.
Size: M/22.0-25.0cm, L/26.0cm-
Price: ¥ 49,500 (tax included)

I also like Forrest Bailey.

An all-mountain model with high support from team riders.That's because the package features a magnesium fiber laminated drive plate, responsive dual-band ankle strap, unibody chassis, and solid asymmetric highbacks for added stiffness for the ultimate feel.
Size: S/23.0-26.0cm, M/26.0-29.0cm, L/29.0-32.0cm
Price: ¥45,100 (tax included) ¥46,200 (FOREST model only: tax included)

Girls model that enables the best performance

"STYLIST" is a lightweight binding for peak performance.Maximize your performance with a magnesium drive plate, soft dual ankle straps that integrate with your boots, and a reliable all-mountain nylon highback.
Size: M/22.0-25.0cm, L/26.0cm-
Price: ¥ 45,100 (tax included)

Powerful and playful specs for ultimate freestyle/freeride

Drive plate with carbon fiber laminate, cant and heel shock pad underfoot.The power polymer highback has a flexible lateral flex for powerful performance and control.
Size: M/26.0-29.0cm, L/29.0-32.0cm
Price: ¥56,100 (tax included)

Boasts a sense of unity with boots and quick response

"JOINT" is a model with excellent cost performance that keeps the price low while using BENT METAL's high performance materials.The combination of the unibody chassis and the powerflex ankle strap creates a sense of unity between the binding and the boot for a quick response and supple ride.
Size: S/23.0-26.0cm, M/26.0-29.0cm, L/29.0-32.0cm
Price: ¥37,400 (tax included)

"METTA" for any level or style

The METTA features a responsive, supple nylon highback and unibody chassis, a boron fiber laminate drive plate, and PowerFlex ankle straps for superior power transfer.You can enjoy the best skiing regardless of level, style, or scene.
Size: M/22.0-25.0cm, L/26.0cm-
Price: ¥ 37,400 (tax included)

Great for jibs and park tricks

If you want to snowboard supplely and stylishly, this "LOGIC" is your choice.The softest combination of urethane highback and glass fiber drive plate enables stylish play that takes advantage of flexibility and tenacity.
Size: S/23.0-26.0cm, M/26.0-29.0cm, L/29.0-32.0cm
Price: ¥ 42,900 (tax included)

Easy riding flex for all-mountain

BOLT is an excellent unisex model that combines utility and performance.Easy-riding flex for all-mountain, plus mobility ankle strap and drive plate system for a comfortable fit.Although it is reasonably priced, it firmly holds the appeal of BENT METAL and supports a wide range of riding styles.
Size: S/23.0-26.0cm, M/26.0-29.0cm, L/29.0-32.0cm
Price: ¥ 34,100 (tax included)

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