Niseko is in good shape ~

I've been skating in Niseko all the time recently.

As usual, the park was in good condition and the weather was good, and last week it snowed a lot and the powder slipped.

This season, I was around the tournament, so I didn't have time to slip the powder, so I'm glad I could slip ☆

However, the ski resort of Niseko Hanazono closed on April XNUMXth.I feel like it's a waste even though there was still a lot of snow.

From now on, I'm thinking of taking pictures of samurai and skiing at various ski resorts in Hokkaido ♪

I went up to the peak of Niseko and took a picture with Mt. Yotei in the background.

From the left, the photos are Takahiro, I, Shota, Masaki-kun, and Makoto-kun.

Recently, I've been skating with this member ~ ☆

Takahiro Shota with Mt. Yotei in the background ♪

Last week, my dad also came to Niseko to maintain a pipe.

So I skated with my dad for the first time in XNUMX years, but it was still good ♪

But the next day, he said he had a lot of muscle pain and couldn't get out of the house (laughs).

Kiyo also came to slip ~.

Kiyo is always with me when I buy a Shiba Inu recently and go to the mountains every day ☆

It's so cute ♪

Takahiro and Shouta after finishing the slide.I slept a lot (laughs)