One of your favorites with COSMIC SURF with improved design !!

Color: GRAY (left), BLACK (right)
Size (cm): 137, 141, 145, 149
Price: ¥ 48,000

A directional board with two calm colors that match adult women

Domestic girls brand COSMIC SURF that designs boards considering female body shape and leg strength.It has a wide lineup from models for beginners to models suitable for high-speed riding and boards for freestylers who like parks, and it is also characterized by many feminine pale color designs.This season's model focuses on design, and you can enjoy a slightly different atmosphere from last season, from those with a unified design with calm colors to those with colorful designs.Some models are available in two colors depending on the board, and the criteria for selecting a board can be selected not only by "shape" but also by "color", doubling the fun of choosing.

This "LORRY" is a lightweight directional board that is a slender type and is good at quick turn switching in the COSMIC SURF lineup.It supports fine movements such as terrain play and tree runs, and the strong edging created by supple flex and torsion supports light continuous turns.This is a book that I would like female riders who want to play down the entire mountain to try.

In addition, you can choose a board that suits your riding style, such as "JAMMY", which is ideal for large and loose carving, and "CHRISTA", which supports the flexible movement of Gratler with full twins, so check out this season's lineup!

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