It is lightweight yet has tough protection performance.Introducing a high-performance protector for snowboarders aiming to improve their skills: ARK_MSL HIP PROTECTOR LONG / SHORT

Anyone who has ever been hit by a kicker's landing burn or hit by a jib item will be keenly aware of the importance of a protector.
The experience of sustaining significant damage without wearing a protector may evoke a strong sense of fear, leading to a person thinking, ``I don't want to feel that way again,'' and turning away from the otherwise enjoyable park riding.However, a high-performance protector will definitely support you from such thoughts.
The impact will vary greatly depending on the performance of the protector you are wearing.

ARK is a brand that continues to develop reliable protectors for snowboarders.It's true that many top riders like to use it, and brand staff often hear from unexpected riders saying, ``Actually, I bought and used it myself.''
This will be an episode that will directly support its reliability. ARK is particular about creating products that take into account the practical movements of snowboarders down to the smallest detail.
In order to respond to the performance of riders who are becoming more aggressive with the times, we aim to maximize shock absorption and dispersion, as well as the selection and sewing of materials that are easy to handle and comfortable to wear, down to the silhouette when worn. , and continues to maintain the quality that satisfies riders.

The newly released ``MSL'' is a high-grade ARK model that boasts the shock absorption power of MS, which is highly reliable, but is lightweight.
The "L" in "MSL" stands for Light, and the pads placed on the hips of the MS are constructed with layers of foam of different altitudes and highly breathable Air Mesh.
Furthermore, the panels are separated to ensure that the protected areas do not shift, and the stitching is sewn to ensure freedom of movement, allowing the rider to achieve 120% performance.
The weight has been improved to provide an excellent fit, ease of movement, and performance that greatly supports the improvement of the skills of experts aiming for highly difficult tricks.
The product is available in a wide range of sizes, including sizes that can be worn by men, women, and juniors, and two models are available: short and long.
The coloring has also been renewed, and the orange color scheme increases the desire to take on further challenges.
PRICE: ¥25,300 (LONG), ¥22,000 (SHORT)

Although it has the same specifications as ARK's high-grade MS series, the hardness of all pads is softer and lighter than the MS series, which further improves the fit and makes it easier to move.

5-layer protection with specially molded foam that is divided into fine blocks above and below the buttocks, which are susceptible to strong impacts.One of the details is that the word ARK is engraved on the top.The pad is sewn into sections at each point to prevent the pad from slipping.

The long type knee part uses WIDE KNEE PAD that can handle impacts from the side.


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