Boards "LADIES CHOICE" and "PRO CHOICE" by Jamie Anderson, the absolute queen of slopestyle _GNU

Easy to ride with asymmetrical design
Twin-tip freestyle board

Size: 139.5, 142.5, 145.5, 148.5, 151.5, 153.5cm
Price: ¥ 108,900 (tax included)

Size: 145.5, 148.5, 151.5cm
Price: ¥ 108,900 (tax included)

Jamie Anderson has won 21 medals (including 8 gold medals) in the "X Games", which is said to be the world's highest contest.Although she is called the absolute queen of slopestyle and big air, she is a freestyler who has all-round skills such as sliding down Alaska's transcendental steep big mountain in the starring movie "UNCONDITIONAL" produced in 2019.
The boards she worked on are two models, LADIES CHOICE and PRO CHOICE.The former adopts the HYBRID C2X with a double camber structure, and the latter adopts the C2 with a camber structure, both of which are twin-tip boards with asymmetrical shapes.For freeride enthusiasts who want to slide powder comfortably, we recommend LADIES CHOICE, and for riders who want to play an active role like Jamie in the contest, we recommend PRO CHOICE, which can challenge large items with confidence.
In addition, Jamie, who has a face as an environmental protection activist, is particular about the eco-friendliness of the materials and manufacturing process.


LADIES CHOICE adopts HYBRID C2X with double camber structure

PRO CHOICE adopts C3 with camber structure
Firmly grips even on rough slopes.Enables flexible response even in trick recovery
Left-right asymmetrical design that suits the human body Since the edge control at the tip and heel is different, the heel side side cut is set deeper than the toe side side cut, and a more balanced turn can be drawn. ..In addition, details such as the angle and length of the asymmetrical effective edge and the short contact edge on the heel side are considered.

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