``CASINO'' is the latest work from ``BEYOND MEDALS,'' which is shaking the world of snowboarding movies.This is a must see!!

BEYOND MEDALS is a snowboarding movie crew whose members include European style masters such as Tor Lundstrom and Kevin Backstrom.
The project started in 2012.The original goal of the web movie series BYND x MDLS, created while preparing for the Olympics, was to not focus on the serious aspects of snowboarding, but instead to express friendship, travel, and freedom.However, due to a certain problem, Kevin decides to give up on his path to the Olympics.Toa also left the team in protest.
This incident served as an opportunity for them to establish their direction as filmmakers expressing a more free-spirited snowboarding culture.I continue to create works.

Their latest work "CASINO" has been released.
In addition to the main actors Kevin and Toa, Seve de Buck, Ludovic Biltoft, Ulrik Baderscher, Zach Hale, Mikkel Bang, Sage Kotsenberg, David Gite, Florelian Fischer, and Hena Ikola also appear.
They travel around the world to locations such as Europe, North America, and Japan, and their free style shines through in the backcountry, on the streets, and on all terrains.

Speaking of "BEYOND MEDALS," the familiar opening and ending are, as the name suggests, a parody of a movie based on "CASINO."The quality is very high, and in the scene that begins with the sound of the Rolling Stones' "Gimme Shelter," the members are truly movie stars.In addition, spiced rock sounds such as Led Zepelin and Lynyrd Skynyrd greatly enliven the scene.
 Moreover, even though it is a work of this quality, it is released for free.All I can do is watch this and get excited for the season!!
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Furthermore, BEYOND MEDALS is currently developing outerwear and streetwear.Items for snowboarders that are steeped in the culture of the scene have made their first appearance in Japan this season, and are attracting a lot of attention.Be sure to check it out as well.

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