What is a Snowboard Attendant (SA)?Would you like to enjoy the joy of telling people the joy of snowboarding?

Snowboard Attendants (SA)

SA Clinic will be held at Karuizawa Prince on the weekend! !!Five new snowboard attendants have been born!

SA Clinic @ Karuizawa Prince Everyone is good and I'm looking forward to the future expansion!
SA Clinic @ Karuizawa Prince Everyone is good and I'm looking forward to the future expansion!

The Snowboard Attendant (SA) initiative started with Seth (Seth McAllister), who agreed with the idea.
The purpose is to cheer people up with snowboarding while enjoying snowboarding.

1st SA Event @ Karuizawa Snow Park
1st SA Event @ Karuizawa Snow Park

There are two reasons why I started a snowboard attendant.

(1) I want to raise good people
For those of us who are doing activities such as making children shine with snowboarding and energizing people with snowboarding, it is "people" that are more important than snowboarding, which is a teaching material.
Good people grow up from good people, and good people gather again from good people.
Because of the good circulation, good people are important, so I would like to carefully train snowboard attendants (SA).


And in order to have fun with a good person, I think it is important to create a good environment for that person, so I am creating an environment where SA becomes HAPPY.
Those who are active as SAs at our school can purchase BURTON at a special discount.

And field support to keep enjoying snowboarding.
Hakuba Cortina Ski Resort has agreed with this initiative!I'm so grateful and I'm really looking forward to this season!
We would like to continue expanding our affiliated ski resorts for field support.
Thank you for your cooperation ^^!

(2) There is a shortage of instructors nationwide.
I love teaching, especially teaching beginners.
The reason is that there are a lot of "done!", A lot of smiles, and that smile gives me a lot of energy.

And I think it's a really rewarding and happy job, where you can see the growth after telling the fun of snowboarding.

But why does the number of instructors not increase? There is an image that you can not do it without qualification, and it takes some time and money to get qualification.
I think there are various reasons, such as wanting to receive training at school but the threshold is high.But if more people can be taught,
I want to convey the fun of snowboarding to as many people as possible.

SA Clinic is not a qualification.Based on what I learned during the intra-era of Iwatake Snowboard School
We share the teaching methods gained from 20 years of snowboarding teaching experience.

SA Clinic @ Karuizawa Prince
SA Clinic @ Karuizawa Prince
Get a simple lesson program & phrasebook
Get a simple lesson program & phrasebook

The lesson program shared at SA Clinic is super simple.
The reason is that I really want to increase the number of people who can be taught, and the world after the turn is endless, so I keep the turn simple.
We hope that you will use the SA Clinic to safely and happily convey the joy of snowboarding to your children and friends in each situation.
And there are many wonderful ways to teach snowboarding in Japan and around the world, so if you are interested, I would love to hear from you.

Snowboard Attendants

We want them to enjoy themselves and connect them with each other.
I want such a good cycle to be born.
We will continue to make it carefully, so thank you for your cooperation ^ ^
It will be held in Takayama this weekend!

Representative of the Salt Lake Olympics Halfpipe (finalist) "I want to raise children who shine brilliantly through snowboarding", and since 2003, the children's snowboarding class "KIRARA KAMP" has been held nationwide.Active as a pioneer in training kids snowboarders.