Enjoy the exquisite feeling with Jamie Lynn's artwork: LIB TECHNOLOGIES_JAMIE LYNN / JAMIE LYNN SHORT WIDE / DYNAMISS

In the 1990s, when snowboarding was rapidly growing worldwide, many exciting snowboarders appeared one after another, but Jamie Lynn was the one who excited fans all over the world with her unique style.
He is not only a stylish snowboarder, but also has talent in the art and music scene, and is a rider who has had a great influence on the world's snowboarding scene to this day.

With Jamie's appearance, LIB TECHNOLOGIES has rapidly grown as a cutting-edge snowboarding brand with unique technology.
In recent years, they have created a fulfilling lineup every year with strong riders such as Travis Rice and Eric Jackson.
Among the lineup, the Jamie series is always popular.
The innovative art used on both the deck and sole every year is so attractive that you'll want to collect it.This all-mountain board with a freestyle feel that fully incorporates Jamie's personality has evolved over time to allow you to enjoy style anywhere on the snowy mountains, attack lines aggressively, and enjoy the best vibes.

"JAMIE LYNN" is a high-performance all-mountain board that allows Jamie to skate at full power freestyle.
Adopts C3 camber, a hybrid structure that incorporates double camber (each camber under both feet) on the camber base (a large camber that fits the entire board).It has a thick nose that floats easily even in powder, and a gently tapered shape, allowing you to glide stably even in deep powder.
Furthermore, you can enjoy sharp turns on the compacted snow slopes, and enjoy aggressive riding by adding style depending on the terrain.

"JAMIE LYNN SHORT WIDE" inherits this lineage, but is a board specialized for powder conditions, with a wide outline that brings out strong buoyancy and is also good at quick powder turns.
It matches well with Japan's snowy mountains, such as tree runs, small streams, and riding on natural terrain.

"DYNAMISS" is a women's model featuring Jamie's artwork.A popular model that is very easy to ride and equipped with a magnetic traction edge that allows you to easily enjoy stable turns.

A board with Jamie's art on it will stand out on the slopes, and will greatly increase your motivation for spending time in the snowy mountains.
Why not enjoy an even more exciting season with this special one?

SIZE: 150, 156, 159, 160W
PRICE: ¥ 121,000

SIZE: 150
PRICE: ¥ 121,000

SIZE: 142, 145, 149, 153
PRICE: ¥ 99,000

All three models use C3 camber structure.A hybrid structure that incorporates a double camber based on a large camber that fits throughout the board, increases the stability of turns and enables sharp turns.

When you line them up, you can clearly see the fat proportions of JAMIE LYNN SHORT WIDE (right).This wide width creates plenty of buoyancy even in deep powder.

It is noted that this art is a collaboration art "1910" by Jamie and British artist Skov, who also participates in LIB TECH's board art.


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