Colorado Day 10 Asami Hirono Blog

 Colorado training camp 10th day.I'm getting a good feeling.

A fox passed by in front of my house, chased after me and talked to me, and he stopped.


It was so big that I thought it was a Shiba Inu.As expected American size w
After slipping, I go running or go to the gym to cool down (^ ω ^)  

I also have a trunk (^ ω ^)

Young Iwabuchi Leila, Yoshiya Rina.

I skated for 4 days today, so it's OFF !!

America is high altitude and easy to get tired, so if you slip for 3.4 days, turn it off (^ ω ^)

I'm relaxing at home ♩

I saw it from 9 o'clock to XNUMX o'clock on the XNUMXth of the month.Satomi Ishihara is too cute! !! ♡ 

I'm going to wax it (^ ω ^)

Yesterday I practiced 360 rotations in all directions at the Brickenridge ski area.



Slip well, take care and eat a lot

I can live a fulfilling American life \ (^ o ^) /