Slope NEW movie!Snow Park Oze Tokura

Introducing the Numata Area Snow Park Oze Tokura this time.

Shooting date and time: 1 Late month / weather:(I.e.  / Snow quality: Snowfall day

Popular snow park Oze Tokura in the Numata area.

The terrain is abundant, the snow pressure is beautiful, the park is solid, and the half pipe has not disappeared and it has been around for a long time.An image of a long-established ski resort that hasn't changed in the past.This time, Shinji Sato and Kensuke Numano, who runs High five Mountain works at a ski resort, are local to Oze Tokura.

On the day of shooting, shooting started from the first morning on the day when the cold wave of the bomb low pressure reached the inland.I have a feeling that it will be the best day with the best powder before slipping.First of all, it will usually be faster After relaxing on the romance course and hitting the wall, I skated at full speed on the panoramic antelope course, which transforms from a compressed snow course to a non-compacted snow course on a snowy day.

The snow is outstanding.If you want more speed, attack the upper part of the Fujimi course → non-compacted snow A course.

And this discovery! !!I skated on the non-compacted snowy Arayama course for the first time, but I was impressed by the fun!I was surprised with Shinji Sato.The wall continues from top to bottom, and the slope is good.There is also a depression, and the terrain seems to be slipping on the natural terrain.After it snows and piles up, the Arayama course is recommended.

Snow Park Oze Tokura with so much snow, good snow!The terrain is good!It was completely done.It is a ski resort that I would like to go skiing on the day I pow.


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