We will hold a kids snowboard lesson!

Connecting Kirara graduates to future kids ☆
It's a wonderful lesson event that started last year! !!

The long-awaited snow has finally fallen!
Let's have fun and slide a lot together!

Start applying today!
It's the first one! !!
We are waiting for your application ^^! !!

Kirara ☆ Super Kids Lesson Meeting

Schedule: February 2020th (Sun) and March 2th (Sun), 16

Location: February / Hoshino Resorts Alts Bandai
March / Hoshino Resort Nekoma Ski Resort
* Subject to change depending on the situation.

Time: 10: 00-15: 00
* There is a lunch break on the way

Target: 6 years old (older) or older.For intermediate and advanced users.
* You can slide down the intermediate course on a turn by yourself.
Level that can be done.

Lecturer: Atsuhiro Suzuki (March only), Maifuyu Shirakawa,
Yura Tanaka, Riri Ashizawa and others

Capacity: 20 name
* Minimum number of participants: 8

Price: 5,000 yen (tax included) / day / person
* Lift ticket, lunch, rental,
Transportation and insurance are not included.

Purpose: Taking advantage of the wonderful environment of Alz and Nekoma,
Focusing on parks and free runs,
A day to skate a lot with top pros and learn a lot.

How to apply We will start accepting applications from Saturday, February 2th.
① Please make a reservation by email to the event desk.
② On the day of the event, please fill out the application form and pay.
* Please include the following items when making a reservation.

Title: Kirara Super Kids
① Participant's name (* Furigana is required)
② Participant age
③ Participant level
④ Address (* prefectures only)
⑤ Contact information (* Mobile phone is OK)
⑥ Email address
⑦ Date of birth

Event desk charge: Hashimoto, Imai
E-mail: info@kirarakamp.jp