Summer battle "SUMMER WARS" to decide the No. 1 for kids will be held on Saturday, August 8th at Osaka Kings

The summer battle [SUMMER WARS] that decides the No. 1 for kids will be held on Saturday, August 8th this year!
Backing up this event is the protector brand used by the most professional ridersARKis.A great opportunity for kids to demonstrate their daily achievements.
There are two classes, "Open Class" under 15 years old and "Beginner Class" under 12 years old.
Kids on summer vacation should definitely try it.

Special on the dayARKA booth has also appeared, where you can display and try on protectors for kids.In addition, ARK monitor rider selection will be held at the same time, so if you catch your eye at the tournamentARKIt's a premium event that may pave the way for riders.

<Event overview>
> Date and time
Saturday, August 2017, 8 am19: 7 ~ 30: 11
> Entry fee
Tournament participation fee (including gliding fee) 3000 yen
2 categories simultaneous entry 3500 yen
* Because of the 0th session, monthly tickets will be charged uniformly.
> Capacity
・ Beginner class 15 people
・ Open class 20 people
* U-12 can be entered at the same time
> Used lane
・ Beginner class ⇒ Small Jump
・ Open class ⇒ Hawk jump (flat stand)
> Tournament content
・ Beginner class U-12 straight jump
(Use small jumps)
・ Open class U-15 unlimited
(Use Hawk Jump)
> How to enter
・ Telephone reservation
・ Direct entry at the reception of Osaka Kings
> Sponsor
-Nissin project
> Inquiries
Osaka Kings 0774-65-0525