Copper first day

From today, I've started to slide ~ ☆

When I started to slide, I was pretty sleepy (laughs)

The first time I woke up today was XNUMX o'clock in the middle of the night (laughs)

Moreover, I woke up perfectly.

When I start to slide, I'm sleepy (laughs)

It's midnight at that time in Japan time.

The main mountain is that there is a kicker, a box and a rail of about XNUMX meters because the pipe has not been made yet.It's okay to slide for a long time in the free run, but it's a little painful because the patrol will warn you if you speed up.

Well, since it was the first day, I slipped lightly ♪

Photo, Kohei

Even today, Jiba Kohei was still rubbing with style ☆

Photo, me

The pipe is being made above.

I wonder if I can do it soon.

From the left of the photo, Kohei, Kazu, Rei, Ishi-chan, I

At the end, everyone took a commemorative photo ☆