Twin-tip boards such as the sky snow board that can be played all round, Senpu

The board center is a rocker, and a flash of double camber structure with camber under both feet.
Thanks to the double camber, which has seemingly contradictory elements such as moderate looseness and reliable edge grip, it is the most all-round playable model in the board lineup such as Makoto Snowboard.Carving, gratri, park, and powder can be handled by setting back.The fact that the flex is set to soft to middle, which is easy for everyone to handle, also leads to further enhancement of its all-roundness.

True sky snow board, etc.
Size: 149, 152, 154cm
Price: ¥ 63,800

Reasons why it is easy to play all round
The center part of the board is a rocker, and a double camber structure with camber under both feet is adopted.In addition, two bamboo materials add suppleness from the nose to the tail, and a V-shaped carbon material on the nose and tail leads to the stickiness of the board at the time of ollie, nory, and turn.

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