Alpine sponsored Snova Gifu Hashima event

I participated in the event as a rider on the ride.

There's a kicker, there's a rail,

There was a wall and there was a flat down box.

It's a practice, so I've been slipping from the middle ☆

The judges are Rio, Yoko Miyake,

Kikuchi-kun, Nishi-kun, Issei-kun, Andu-kun, Shinkawa Chiemi-chan,

Mr. JT and Mr. Nakayama.

The next day's alpine will be Yukie Ueda, Izumi Amaike,

It was a member such as Mr. Horio.

It was fun like an alumni association.

Yo-chan is a person who always inspires me.

A genuine upper class person.

It ’s not just about being rich or something like that.

Thinking, aspirations and what you are doing.

I was able to hear a good story this time.

Just listening to this story

I'm really glad I came to Gifu.

Yo-chan, thank you so much for telling me!