Snow walking route connecting Alts Bandai and Nekoma Ski Resort opens

On the entire north slope, which is symmetrical to the Alts Bandai, the minimum temperature in winter drops to -15 degrees Celsius, and in the top season you can enjoy a stable amount of snow and sometimes the finest powder snow comparable to Hokkaido.Furthermore, the Nekomadake season is long and open until May 5th.From beginners to experts, Nekoma Ski Resort is a paradise for "snow idiots" that is indispensable for snow lovers.

Excite 1

Anyway, if you want to master the technique of turning, challenge the exciting snow-packed burn as its name suggests, both the slope and the length are overwhelming.You can expect more stable snow compaction with a winch-type snow compaction vehicle this season.Can you withstand the thrilling acceleration!Please try your skills

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Deep 1

This is the highest altitude in each area of ​​Nekoma Ski Resort, and is a very popular course for "snow idiots" where powder collects.The day after heavy snowfall, a battle for microfine snow will take place.Let's enjoy the powder turn by raising the spray dynamically

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Parks organized by level

The park opens at the same time as Nekoma opens.Starting from jib items every year, items will be installed afterwards according to the snowfall. In March, a monster park where professionals practice will appear.Advanced lanes are lined with high-difficulty, high-quality items

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Go to Nekoma Ski Resort!

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays in the spring season start at 5:55 in the morning, and you can carve the cold and well-burned burn to your heart's content.In addition, if you use the snow walking route, you can glide through a part of the Alts Bandai course that is open for Spring Nekomadake while enjoying the view of Inawashiro.

> Micro Fine Snow

Microfine snow is high-quality powder snow brought about by dry inland terrain, altitudes over 1000 m, and cold air cooled by lakes and marshes.In addition to abundant snowfall, it is difficult to melt on the northern slope, and it has the highest level of slipperiness as if it were floating.

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