The winter training camp for the slopestyle national team began on November 11th.

Miyabi Onizuka with a recent wing ♥ ︎

This time, a group of 11 people including coaches and nutritionists! !! !!

I'm participating for the first time, so I'm worried that I won't pull my legs. Sweat

And at the age of 24, I'm the oldest of all. .. ..

I have to be firm.


The youngest is 15-year-old Hamada Kaito-kun ♪♪


It was a nice day today, so the plane arrived without shaking ♪

This is 16 hours ago in Japan ^ – ^

Departing Japan at 19:18 on the XNUMXth,
I've been on the plane for about 10 hours

Did you arrive around 19:13 on the XNUMXth?

Somehow, I feel like the 19th has come again lol

It's special because if this day is your birthday, you can celebrate it for a long time ^ – ^


There are many fashionable places in America.

There are a lot of great accessories!

Colorado often sees bear figurines ♥ ​​︎ ♥ ︎ ♥ ︎



Christmas is coming soon ♥ ︎