They got me~

Until yesterday, I was shooting in Niseko for XNUMX days ~ ☆

The faces are Masaomi, Hiro, Masai, me, and cameraman Nakai.

Nakai came to take a picture this time because he had a knee injury in AIRMIX and couldn't slip yet.

This year, the second shooting was in the best condition with good weather ♪

But I was no good ~ ↓ ↓ ↓

In the second jump, I fell from the front and flipped the front about three turns and was hit by the neck.

And that's it for the day.

Seriously, it was done ↓ ↓ ↓

Photo, Hiro, Masai, Nakai

It was fun because we all had a session for the first time in a long time ~ ♪

Photo, Masaomi

The first one on this day was Masaomi.

I used to do double cork imagery, but the trick I did was B3 (laughs)

I want to see Masaomi's double cork soon.

Photo, me

This is in the middle of B3.

After this, I was leaning forward on landing.

Moreover, when I thought it was landing powder, it was very hard and impatient.

But I'm glad I hurt my neck a little.

Photo, Nakai

On the second day, the weather was bad, so I made a park in front of Masaki-kun's house and played ☆

I was able to make a park that was in good condition only in front of my house and enjoyed it all day long ♪

Nakai was the one who got the most heat up.

I said that I slipped a little lightly because my knees hurt, but I slipped the most (laughs)

Besides, I even did Mac (laughs)

Photo, Masaomi-san, Nakai, Masaki-kun, Brady, I

For two days, we all took care of Masaki-kun's house.

And at night, everyone is a millionaire ☆

The loser has a style of being scribbled (laughs)

I lost three times, so I had a terrible face.

However, Nakai also lost three times after this and it was a terrible thing.

Moreover, because it is oily, it cannot be taken at all.

I wash my face too much and it makes my face tingle (laughs)