"MACH" _Gray Snowboards, a run and trick version dedicated to medium and low speeds, reborn with an emphasis on tricks

Version upgrade with emphasis on trick performance

Gray Snowboards
Size: 146, 151, 154, 155W
Price: ¥ 130,900 (tax included)

Gray Snowboards' "MACH", which has gained popularity as a high-performance carving board, was reborn as a "run & trick model" this season, which was a big news.The long length model pursues the stable high-speed carving performance of the conventional model, while the short length MACH allows deep free carving and tricks from carving.Based on the excellent gliding performance of the conventional MACH, in pursuit of new snowboarding fun, the Gray Snowboards Guratori team and carving team jointly developed, and the pursuit of new "MACH" possibilities has started. .
The new model has even more changes.The setback was changed from 15mm to 5mm until this season.The flex has also been brought closer to the balance of the twin, and the version has been upgraded with an emphasis on trick performance.Despite the supple flex, the carbon under the core makes the board return very quickly.Combines the vibration absorption of the ABS top with the fast responsiveness unique to carbon.It has high carving performance due to the compound sidecut, and it is possible to pull out tricks from there.The fusion of high-quality riding and guratori leads to a new world of tricks.

Single camber shape that enables sharp carving
X-shaped carbon roving is placed under the core and ABS top is adopted.By the way, the long size MACH uses a sintered top.
Refined round shape as a high performance carving board
1.8mm wide stainless steel edge on durable ABS sidewalls
High quality IS7500 graphite sole for outstanding gliding performance

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