Full model change "FC-S" to challenge further possibilities of carving_OGASAKA SNOWBOARDS

The side curve is slightly deeper than the conventional model,
less tapered,

New "FC-S" with improved bendability

Size: 150, 156, 159, 162, 165, 157W, 160W, 163W
Price: ¥116,600 (tax included) W version ¥117,700 (tax included)

As an expert specification of "FC" that thoroughly pursues carving performance
"FC-S" has an overwhelming track record in technical competitions

OGASAKA SNOWBOARDS is a snowboard brand representing MADE IN JAPAN that has developed and matured high-performance carving models for many years, starting with "CT".Thorough pursuit of the basic principles of snowboard turns, the internal structure and outline to bring out natural operability, and the highest quality finish in addition to high performance and high quality materials.High reliability that everyone can feel the high quality when they see the actual product at the store.
"CARVING ROAD CHART" The performance and character of the board are described in detail, such as "TURN: PLAY FULL", which expresses the character of the board in an easy-to-understand manner. It isThe movement as a brand to provide the best boards that are close to users is probably the reason why it continues to receive absolute support from many fans.

Among the lineup, the "FC" model is positioned as the best model for those who are not satisfied with the CT and who want to enjoy carving turns on the slopes. FC is an abbreviation for Full Carve.As a freestyle board that literally specializes in carving performance, it is the definitive carving board that has been matured since 1997 in the lineup.
The shape and internal structure created to create a firm edge and perform sharp carving turns is a model that has always led the current carving scene and has continued to attract many carving fans.

And the "FC-S", which is set as a higher model, is a model that pursues high-speed stability and acceleration for experts. The carving model of the highest peak used by OGASAKA rider Yuko Nakamoto, who is showing off her overwhelming ability as a JSBA technical champion. While leaving the performance of 1 in PLAY FULL, 10% of the 9 stages are specialized in carving performance. Flex is adjusted to 3.5 for FC and FLEX to 4.5 for FC-S.

Based on the strong edge grip of the FC's original semi-hammer shape and outstanding stability during turns, the FC-S has a slightly shallower side curve and a stiffer setting, further improving propulsion performance and stability at high speeds. model.A board with the appeal of being able to enjoy high-speed driving comfortably by turning the power you step on firmly into the power of propulsion.The higher the carving skill, the more the FC-S will demonstrate its ability and invite the rider to a new dimension of carving.
It is truly a board with an irresistible charm for carving fans.

to enhance control performance.

A new shape introduced in the new model

In the new model, FC-S has become a new model in all sizes, and has achieved a full model change.While the side curve is slightly deeper than the conventional model, the tapered is set a little less.In addition, the flex balance has been adjusted and the arch shape has been fine-tuned to enhance carving control performance.To put it simply, the impression is that the bendability has improved compared to the conventional model.
Exactly "FC-S" has evolved further as a board that teaches you the fun of constantly attacking the limits of carving while facing your carving skills.
The new FC-S will surely attract expert riders who want to fully enjoy the world of high-speed carving.
Also, "FC" and "FC-S" are equipped with the FC series logo. Along with the CT series, it is also equipped with an emblem that shows its presence as two major series representing OGASAKA.

Beautiful FC-S sole with Sintered Graphite and Stone Finish
The FC series logo is installed on the FC and FC-S. Along with the CT series, it has a strong presence as two major series representing OGASAKA.
"Days Diligence" contains a message to master carving

>Preemptive gear feature: OGASKA SNOWBOARDS
>All-round board "TF" for play that has become softer and easier to ride
>Comprehensive balance of the highest peak, the definitive all-round board for carving that conquers all styles "CT"
>Semi-hammer shape "FC" for enjoying high-speed carving

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