long time no see.

I'm sorry, and I left the blog for a long time.

From now on, I'm going to update my blog.

Recently, I have been living by slipping, going to SBJ, and working.It's almost slippery (laughs)

This year, Hokkaido is in the best condition.

I went to the United States every year, but this year I didn't go and skated in Hokkaido, but at the beginning of the season I enjoyed it almost like powder when I went to the mountains.

I think I have only two months left to skate in Hokkaido, but let's enjoy it.

This is a picture of yesterday.

On this day, I found a pretty good point if I climbed the place around the Kenashi Pass for about two hours with Mr. Harada.

I've been trolling alone.

The weather was nice and I enjoyed it a lot.

Thank you, Mr. Harada.

And yesterday, I went to shoot with Masaomi and Hiro.

This is the first session of this year with Masaomi.

Even though I had a fractured shoulder dislocation, I attacked normally (laughs)

After all, Masaomi is different.

And I am heading to Niigata to appear in THE SLOPE from today.

I can't rail, but I wonder if it's okay (laughs)

For the time being, I will enjoy it.