"ON SNOW JAM 2022 SUPPORT BY KEEN" repo with a crossover of discerning brand experience event & snowboard course & MUSIC.

"ON SNOW JAM 2 SUPPORT BY KEEN" was held at Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort in Nagano Prefecture from Saturday, February 26th to Sunday, February 27th.This event is organized by Mr. Jiro Nakayama, the representative of GREEN.LAB, and has been held five times in the past at Minenohara Kogen Ski Resort in Nagano Prefecture.And this season, the first time will be held in collaboration with outdoor footwear brand KEEN at Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort (the conventional ON SNOW JAM will be held at Minenohara on 2022 / 5-1 the following week).A special snow toy (snowboard) with the participation of pioneers of snowboards, Atsushi Gomei, and topographical researcher Goro Komatsu, as well as a hands-on experience where new models can be tested and tried on on snow by gathering discerning brands from his connection. ) Course is also set up.Furthermore, this time, musicians such as Higashida Tomohiro and Kofu gathered at "Winter land" in the hot spring town of Nozawa on Friday and Saturday nights, and LIVE & DJ NIGHT was held at the same time.
In this article, along with comments from Mr. Jiro Nakayama and Mr. Atsushi Gomei, I would like to convey the atmosphere while looking back on the event pattern with a photo movie on the timeline of surf & snow musician Higashida Tomohiro who spent three days together. ..
Photo & Edit: Gaisu
Music: Frosted Glass Storks(Higashida Tomohiro
Special Thanks: KEEN

Right) Jiro Nakayama, Left) Tomohiro Higashida

"The concept of ON SNOW JAM is to actually try the product on-snow. Moreover, not only snowboards but also various genres such as snowboards and outdoor brands are gathered. Many of the participating brands are maniac. The feature is that you can try the lineup of items that you rarely have the chance to try on the snow. Riders also participated on the day and enjoyed skiing on the snowboard course and the slopes. The weather was nice and the next day was in the best condition with powder. It's nice that there are people who can't get rid of the snow. Even if it's snowing, no one can withdraw, and it's been a long time. I'm slipping (laughs). I don't dare to make a snowboard session time, and I think it's very important for everyone to try out products on the snow while slipping at their own genres and motivate them to buy. " Jiro Nakayama

"When I participated in ON SNOW JAM for the first time, I felt that it was an event with a strong local color. There was not much corporate color, and it felt like a real snowboard marche like a market where individual shops gathered. It was nice to feel the localism because people who are familiar with the topography of this field and the atmosphere of the mountains are doing it. This time, the restaurant run by American Garland in the hot spring town of Nozawa. I also had a live performance at the bar "Winter land", but there was music and a side-riding culture that connected everyone's atmosphere.That's why I enjoyed it more.
On the snow, I also experienced the snowboard for the first time.Each board shaped by Gomei has its own individuality, and the concave, shape, and size are different, so it was fun to find a board that suits your level and how you play.I felt that it was attractive that the snowboard could be enjoyed as far as it could be seen and that even the family could feel at ease.Next to the kids playing, the dads slowly drank coffee, looked at the products at the brand booth, and sometimes left it to their mom to go skiing.In the meantime, it seems that the child is playing with the snowboard all the time.It wasn't just for slippers, but always from a children's perspective or a family perspective, and the atmosphere was good.The culture of side-riding is always compassionate, such as “For Family” or “For Kids”.That is the atmosphere of the event.That's the goodness of the glue, isn't it?After all, it was the best event with a wonderful groove feeling that the atmosphere was horizontal. " Tomohiro Toda

"This course was created with the concept that everyone from children to adults can play. I think that the snowboard is a very scaled down play, and I think that it is attractive that it can be done easily. It is a small area like this course, everyone But I can play in the same place and have a session with parents and children. This event was very rich and I enjoyed spending two days from morning till night. " Atsushi Gomei

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