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Recently, I've been hit by a cold ↓ ↓ ↓

It's been two weeks since I came to Chiba, but I've been having a cold since I came to Chiba.

I rarely catch a cold, so I think I'll be cured in about two days this time, so I don't take any medicine and watch soccer until late at night, so I'm living an irregular life every day, so I can't get rid of it.

So, this got better as soon as I took medicine and refrained from watching soccer because I thought it was bad ♪

And I thought I was cured, so when I went to drink, I got a cold again (laughs).

Really, I have to get rid of it.

From the left of the photo, Teddy, Kohei, Ken (Kenji Ishikawa), Junpei-kun (Junpei Inoue), Riku (Rikuya Narita), Shuhei

The other day, I went to a Carmano shop in Shinagawa for the first time to drink ~ ☆

I went there for the first time, but the atmosphere of the restaurant was good and the food was delicious ♪

From the left of the photo, Teddy, I, Shuhei, Kohei, Riku, Junpei-kun, Ken-san.

At the end, everyone took a commemorative photo ♪

This day was really fun ☆

I talked passionately about snowboarding with the members I'm always with and people I can't meet in the middle ♪

I want to drink with this face again.

Photo, Riku

The protagonist of the day is Riku ☆

I've been slipping with Riku for a long time, but I've been sick since about two years ago and retired this year.

I'm still XNUMX years old and I'm really sorry that I'm good at snowboarding.

However, I met the X-Trail two years ago this time, and it was good to see the same Riku as usual.

Moreover, he said that he is now working hard toward the next path.

Riku is young, but he's very solid, so I think he'll definitely succeed on the next road.

Seriously, do your best ~ ↑↑↑

Also, let's drink soon ♪

From the left of the photo, Ken, Shuhei, Riku

After drinking at Carmano, we all went to karaoke ☆

Maybe it took about XNUMX hours (laughs)

At this time, Ken-san was singing normally, but everyone was terrible in the second half (laughs).

Riku was wearing beer on his head himself (laughs)

But I really enjoyed this day ♪

Photo, Tommy, Kohei

And yesterday, I went to Misaka again today ☆

I've been practicing hard with Kohei ↑↑↑

As usual, Kohei put out the style and put it in parentheses (laughs)

Moreover, it seems that a bear attacked me in Misaka the other day (laughs).

If you want to know more, you should see Kohei's blog ♪