Thank you for waiting! Family snowboarding STORY has started

Hello everyone!
パ パ&Family snowboarding to ask mom snowboarders STORY!
by Michiyo Hashimoto No.1Times: Misa Honda & Family
Finally completed!

blog1107I have too many questions to ask
I interviewed a lot!

Snowboarding started as a leisure activitySomeday it became a competition, and after going through high school and college,Only one nowMisa Honda who made the flowers bloom.

The wonderful story you told me,
I hope it will be conveyed uncut, so
Please take a look here ^^



Thank you in advance ☆


Representative of the Salt Lake Olympics Halfpipe (finalist) "I want to raise children who shine brilliantly through snowboarding", and since 2003, the children's snowboarding class "KIRARA KAMP" has been held nationwide.Active as a pioneer in training kids snowboarders.