Udon ✖️ SP Bindings『CORE』

QXNUMX: Udon-san, what are you planning to do this season?Where can I meet Udon-san? w

Udon: For Udon, I don't have a home ski slope at the moment, but I go to various mountains to play!
I'm looking forward to skiing Fukushima, Nagano, Niigata, Gunma, and various mountains again this year❤︎ If you see me in the mountains, please have a drink with udon❤︎

QXNUMX: I'm going to Kyunshi! w
This time, I would like to ask you about your favorite CORE, Udon-san. What is your favorite part about CORE?

Udon: Since it takes only seconds to put on and take off, put the binding on first than anyone else and put on the best powder!Also, if you compare it with other bindings, it's obvious that the parts on the soles are thin! !This thinness is very supportive of motor nerve destructive Udon riding that is unrelated to other technical and talented riders! I had no idea what it meant to step on it, but since I switched to SP bindings, the ground surface has become closer and the feel of the soles of my feet has become much easier to understand!

QXNUMX: It's amazing how you can feel the soles of your feet!Mr. Udon, what kind of riding do you usually do with CORE?

Udon: Jib, jump, guratori, and free run are all played!Since last year, you can now fly a 13-meter kicker!With the Core, you can freely enjoy high-speed free running and jib style!

QXNUMX: It's not limited to CORE, but SP is basically a rear entry, isn't it?How many years have you been using CORE?Did you get used to it quickly?

Udon: At first, the setting was different from other bindings, so there were a lot of things I didn't understand lol.To be honest, it's a secret that I'm still a little bad at taking off on off-training mats w

QXNUMX: It might take some courage to do the rear entry for the first time. If you have any advice for those who are worried about purchasing CORE, please.

Udon: To be honest, Udon didn't like rear entry bindings until I met SP, or it wasn't an option. I think!I was worried about udon at first, but now I can't live without SP (laughs), so I really want you to try it once!
And if you don't know, you can ask the manufacturer or Instagram comments about udon, so please listen to them all!
SP Bindings transforms beyond imagination! (Laughs) Because it's a binding that can be set according to your feet in a very detailed way! !

QXNUMX: Lastly, please show everyone your love for CORE!
It's the best & highest binding for udon without flattery!If you have the timing to meet udon, you can take a test ride, so please try it once! ! !
Your sense of snowboarding may change! !I'll be waiting for you at the test drive event!
Name Miyauchi Udon
■ Height/164cm ■ Stance/regular 51cm
■ Angle / front 9 degrees, rear -6 degrees
■Snowboard history/ 8 years
■ Home Mountain / None I will go to various places!
■ Items used/CORE