The strongest goggles that are proud of MADE in JAPAN and create the best visibility in every scene: DICE_BANK / HIGHROLLER

DICE is a goggle brand that has been thoroughly refined down to the last detail to meet the needs of Japanese snowboarders.
Excellent functionality and quality are the appeal of DICE, and every snowboarder knows the reliability and high satisfaction level of its products, including the popular model "BANK" equipped with a unique ventilation system. be.

Yamamoto Kogaku, the manufacturer of DICE, was founded in 1911.
It is one of the world's leading lens manufacturers that truly represents Made in Japan, having spent over 110 years evolving its technology.The DICE goggles, which were developed using all of their technological capabilities, are packed with excellent functions, but what is particularly noteworthy is the splendor of their lenses.

"Premium Anti-Fog" has twice the moisture absorption power of conventional lenses, and the lens surface absorbs saturated water vapor that accumulates inside the goggles like a sponge, controlling fog.
Furthermore, when the lens dries, it regenerates its absorption capacity and continues to maintain its high anti-fog effect.
DICE has earned tremendous trust in the anti-fog feature, which snowboarders are most concerned about.DICE lenses also have a variety of other features. MIT Lens Technology is the world's first patented technology that places a mirror layer inside the lens and utilizes a scratch-prevention coating on the surface, eliminating the need to worry about scratching the mirror at all.
As anyone who has ever scratched a mirror lens will know, if you are not careful when handling it, it is easy to get scratches, which can ruin your expensive lens.
However, MIT lenses eliminate this fear of scratches and have the advantage of being able to be used without worrying about how to handle mirrors.

This season's hottest new lenses add a photochromic (dimming) function that changes color with UV rays to the MIT lens function, and while having the style and ease of use of a mirror, they automatically adjust brightness and can be used in a wide range of environments. It's a photochromic MIT lens.
Furthermore, DICE's photochromic lenses have the features of ``quick color change'' and ``accurate response to small amounts of ultraviolet rays,'' and have received high praise for their ability to quickly adapt to the ever-changing snowy mountain environment. .
In addition to the already popular blue and red lenses, this season we have introduced gold lenses that look great with color coordination with clothing and beanies, further expanding your options.

In addition, models equipped with ``Ultra Lens'', a high-visibility lens that makes a difference in bad weather, are also popular, and you can get the best experience by choosing from a wide variety of lenses according to your needs.
DICE's lineup provides the perfect visibility for snowboarders, including BANK, which is very popular at the shop, and HIGHROLLER, which has high functionality.
Excellent performance will surely raise your skills to the maximum and lead you to improvement.

HIGHROLLER(back row)
COLOR: White, Navy
PRICE: ¥ 30,800

BANK(front row)
COLOR: Yellow, Matt Black, DMSM, Camo
PRICE: ¥ 35,200

DICE's strength is that all of its lenses, such as the scratch-free mirror "MIT", "Photochromic", and the high-visibility lens "ULTRA LENS", are based on the Japanese environment and provide optimal performance for Japanese snowboarders. It has been developed to

MIT has applied its own patented technology to create lenses that are integrally molded with a mirror coated sheet.Instead of using a general mirror processing on the surface layer, by placing a mirror layer on the inside of the lens, it takes advantage of the scratch-preventing coating on the surface and has an innovative structure that does not leave any scratches on the mirror layer.

The lens surface absorbs the saturated water vapor that accumulates inside the goggles like a sponge to control fogging.When the lens dries, its absorption capacity is regenerated, maintaining its high anti-fog effect.Premium Anti-Fog is a highly functional anti-fog product that exhibits twice the water absorption power.

Photochromic (dimming) is a technology that changes the brightness of the lens in response to the amount of ultraviolet rays.The lens color density is automatically adjusted according to the amount of ultraviolet rays from snowy to sunny days.DICE's unique features include fast color change speed and ability to react sensitively to even small amounts of ultraviolet light.

BANK, which is now popular as DICE's flagship model, is equipped with the A-BLOW system that achieves quick ventilation.


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