Aggressive riding of "then" on Jamie Lynn's reprint board! "JAMIE LYNN" "JAMIE LYNN '96" _LIB TECHNOLOGIES

Stylish and high performance,
The reprinted version of JAMIE LYNN is already a hot topic

Size: 154, 157cm
Price: ¥ 115,500 (tax included)

Size: 150, 156, 159, 160W, 166Wcm
Price: ¥ 115,500 (tax included)

Let's affirm without fear of misunderstanding.The most "style" influential snowboarder in snowboarding history is Jamie Lynn, a comet-like movie star in the 90's.At that time, I watched movies such as "ROADKILL" and "RPM" in which he appeared so much that the VHS tape was worn out, and few people admired the styles such as "crab crotch", "bare hand" and "tweak". There shouldn't be.Of course, it goes without saying that his signature gear is extremely popular.
Jamie's board from "that time" is reprinted from LIB TECH.Its name is "JAMIE LYNN '96". "I've been enjoying freeride all these days, but after seeing the Beijing Olympics, my passion for park-ride has rekindled." "I want to play freestyle no matter how old I am," I especially want people to ride.I'm sure it's one that will remind you of the aggressive Nori of those days just by boarding.
When I asked Takahiro Taniguchi, a LIB TECH rider based in Hokkaido, about the feeling of use, he said, "It's a camber and twin-tip, it's just the freestyle board. But especially the nose, tail, and waist. It's thick and buoyant. That's why I love it even in the backcountry. I can't compare it because I haven't actually rode the model at that time, but I think the contents are definitely upgraded. Standard classic While taking advantage of the sharp ride by camber, it has a sandwich structure and has been updated by introducing the latest technology, so let alone the park, you can perform tricks while cruising the slope, jump with powder It's a lot of fun. I use this model together with DYNAMO, but so far I'm overwhelmingly riding the '96. "
Also, if you want to enjoy powder riding purely the day after it snows, JAMIE LYNN, which is not a reprint, is recommended.Thanks to the C3 camber structure that enables powerful and sharp riding, the thick nose that makes the board float easily even with powder, and the gentle taper, you can run through the fresh snow of the no track faster than anyone else and fly an oversized spray. Because it can be raised.
JAMIE LYNN '96 on days when you want to play freestyle!JAMIE LYNN on days when you want to get rid of it with an emphasis on freeride !! With these two, you can get both Jamie's slip in the style of "then" and Jamie's slip in the current flowing smoothness. You should be able to put it in.Rather than doing everything with one board, use different boards depending on the situation and purpose.This may be a new proposal from a legendary rider who was extremely popular.

AMIE LYNN '96 (above) adopts JAMIE'S CLASSIC CAMBER, a simple single camber.You can enjoy a classically sharp ride. JAMIE LYNN (bottom) is a C3 structure with the strengths of camber and rocker.Looking at the whole board, it is a camber, and the ride is close to the camber, but the center part of the board is a mild rocker structure.Thanks to that, it has the sharpness and power of the camber, while also having the looseness of the rocker and the buoyancy of the powder.
Jamie Lynn's art of "then" is on the whole surface!Many of you may remember that one of the Japanese legend riders, Yukame Yamazaki, was riding on this right board at TOYOTA BIG AIR.Really nostalgic Jamie Lynn's art is drawn on both the deck and the sole
JAMIE LYNN's professional model has excellent powder buoyancy, and is a directional board that uses a C3 camber structure that combines the strengths of camber and rocker.You can run through in any situation, and thanks to the slightly thick nose, you can enjoy the best float feeling with fresh powder.

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