Which board will you ride this year? Thorough investigation of test drive impressions at BURTON TEST RIDE TOUR !!

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Imagine your ideal board

Every year, many test rides are held on the slopes all over the country.In order to enjoy snowboarding, it is very important that the board you use matches your level and riding style.It greatly affects how much you enjoy riding yourself.The board matches meIf you do, it will feel easier to ride, and the performance of the board will help you improve your skills.That's why board selection is so important.
This time, we will report on the SBJ ON SNOW FESTIVAL held from March 2016th to 3st, 19 at GALA Yuzawa Ski Resort in Niigata Prefecture.Introducing popular boards and impressions of test riders.If you are going to buy a NEW board from now on, please refer to it.

What kind of atmosphere is BURTON TEST RIDE TOUR?

Have you been to BURTON TEST RIDE TOUR?The latest models of snowboards that will be on sale next year are available in a wide variety of sizes.Choose the board you want to ride, talk to the staff, set the binding to the latest model, and go to the lift.A board you've never used before, a new model of a familiar board, try increasing or decreasing the size.You can definitely check the compatibility with yourself.Comparing various boards, you can feel various ride comforts such as "Oh, this is good", "It may be a little difficult for me", "I wonder if a board that can be stepped on more firmly".BURTON has a lot of lineups, so it may not be enough to test drive all the models for a whole day, but I'm sure there is a board that is perfect for you.Finding it should be a great time.
* Please bring your own binding to participate.
_mg_b54A wide variety of BURTON test drive boards.Let's get on the board you care about while discussing your riding style with the staff
_mg_b38Check your angle, stance width, etc. in advance
_mg_b51Girls snowboarders were also comparing new BURTON boards

Now, to the people who actually participated in the test drive
Direct hit report on the impression of riding the latest BURTON model

Press tricks were really easy to do!
★ Kanagawa: Yamapi (51 years old) / Snowboard history: 20 years / Favorite rider: Dave Downing / Board currently in use: BURTON CK NUG 150
★ Test drive board: TRICK PONY
If I was checking various boards at the venue, what kind of ride would it be like in a strange way?I was curious, so I took a test drive.When I tried the test drive, it was a board that was easy to turn and very easy to ride.Because of the flexibility, I was able to do press tricks very easily.m1_mg_b36
I was surprised that switch riding was very easy.
Kanagawa: Kensuke Hachuda (17 years old) / Snowboard history: 3 years / Favorite rider: Danny Davis / Board currently in use: BURTON CUSTOM 140
★ Test drive board: TWIN
I'm riding CUSTOM now, and I was curious about a model with a different shape, so I tried riding TWIN.Anyway, this design, the dark feeling of the skeleton is very cool.Unlike the directional board I usually ride, I felt that switch riding was very easy.The repulsion was good and I slid comfortably.m2_mg_b34


The sharpness of carving was more than expected
★ Osaka: Pome (20 years old) / Snowboard history: 2 years / Favorite rider: Nothing in particular / Board currently in use: K2 LIFE 155, GRAY DESPERADO TI TYPE R 163
★ Test drive board: CUSTOM X
Right now, the binding is BURTON's MALAVITA, so I wanted to match the board with BURTON, so I tried a test drive. I've never rode CUSTOM X before, but it was great to ride it.Especially the carving was sharper than expected and I was surprised.It has a good grip and a sense of stability, and I am very glad that it responded according to my image.m4_mg_b28

I feel like Danny Davis !!
★ Chiba: Mikiya (30 years old) / Snowboard history: 13 years / Favorite riders: Danny Davis, Mark Sollors / Board currently in use: BURTON PROCESS 152
★ Test drive board: EASY LIVIN
I like Danny Davis, so I tried riding EASY LIVIN on which he is riding.Anyway, I like the graphic of Red Zeperin.that's cool.The feeling of control was different from the board I'm riding now, and I was a little confused, but the kicker and pipe seemed to be in very good shape.m15_mg_b15

I felt that the carving stability was getting better!
Gunma: Ryo Asako Chigira / Snowboard history: 18 years / Favorite rider: Anna Gasser / Board currently in use: BURTON TALENT SCOUT
★ Test drive board: FEEL GOOD
By all means, I wanted to try the stability of FEEL GOOD carving.It feels like you want to try the correct slide rather than playing.When I stepped on it, it was firm and the carving was very stable as expected.I thought it was a good match for my slip.1_Ryo Asako Chigira 3_Gunma 4_Female 5_18 years 6_Anna Gasser 7_BURTON TALENT SCOUT 8_FEELGOOD I wanted to test the stability of carving 9_I feel like I want to slide correctly rather than play.I wonder if there was a sense of stability due to the hardness.It was a good match for my slip.


It was a very fun board with good operability.
★ Saitama: Ayako Ose / Snowboarding history: 19 years / Favorite rider: Josh Darksen / Board currently in use: SALOMON SICK STICK
★ Test drive board: DAY TRADER
My friend recommended that I don't like DAY TRADER, so I wanted to give it a try. I haven't had a lot of BURTON boards before, so I definitely wanted to try it.Anyway, the stability and operability were very good and it was easy to ride and I enjoyed it.It goes perfectly with your riding.



Introducing REAL VOICE of many more people!
Which board are you interested in?

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Why don't you join the BURTON TEST RIDE TOUR next season?

Even on the same board, each person's impressions are different.So the best way to get the best board for you is to give it a try before you buy.We encourage you to take part in the event this season. For 2018 modelFor the schedule of BURTON TEST RIDE TOUR that you can test drive,Burton Japan FacebookLet's check it out !!