[23-24 PRIVATE] An all-rounder that you can enjoy in the park and in the park. Recommended for SP debut

A long-selling model among SP Bindings,PRIVATE”. Based on the FT4 and equipped with a newly updated ultra-light ankle strap, it is the perfect all-round model for beginners and intermediate riders who want to enjoy park and grass racing.Also, the same all-round model "CORECompared to ``, it has a softer base, easy to handle flex, and a lightweight feel, making it a recommended model for SP Bindings debutants and female riders.

Adopts the same resin disc as "CORE"FT4 baseis a resin-based base plate that is flexible and easy to handle, and it exhibits performance in the low and medium speed range and has sufficient basic gliding performance.It has the flexibility and stickiness that is unique to resin, and is not too responsive, making it a setting that beginners and intermediate users can use without feeling uncomfortable.
The footbed should be flat.EVA padIt is designed to allow you to ride the board naturally, and it also has excellent shock absorption and reduces fatigue.For high backErgo HighbackIt has the same functions as the higher-end model CORE.In addition, the asymmetrical design supports movement toward the heel, so one of its appeals is that it provides just the right amount of support for heel-side turns and tricks.Among the lineup, ``PRIVATE'', which has been a long-selling model, has gained support from many riders and has been designed to match a wide range of riders of all ages and genders.It's easy to feel the soles of your feet, and its moderate flex and lightweight feel make it easy to handle even with the strength of a girl's legs, making it a recommended model for those who want to use SP for the first time.This binding is a must-have for beginners and intermediate riders who want to enjoy snowboarding to the fullest, as well as riders aiming to make their rear entry debut.