[23-24 New model] Authentic surf shredder inspired by wave riding LIFELINE

New lineup for CRUISER LINE of head this season.Inspired by surfingLIFELINE It has a characteristic swallow tail shape and is suitable for all types of terrain from deep powder to soft natural terrain.It is finished as a full-fledged surf shredder that is perfect for cruising on the slopes.


The medium soft flex and soft nose are excellent in operability, allowing you to take the line you want.Adopting a swallowtail shape that is suitable as a powder board, it maintains high buoyancy and excellent operability.Supports deep powder runs and tree runs.

EASY BOARD ARCHITECTURE EASY BOARD ARCHITECTURE incorporates carefully selected poplar materials and has succeeded in reducing weight while maintaining good response.

The Hybrid Camber Pop profile is close to normal camber, with the part that rises above the snow surface being flat.

When the rider steps on the board, the contact point is used as a fulcrum to lift the nose and tail up a notch.This raised nose and tail provides great float for powder riding, making it suitable for deep powder areas as well as all soft terrain.The buoyancy that can be obtained without any effort will make powder runs easier, and you will be able to enjoy even deeper scenes.In addition, on the slopes, it is highly adaptable to various terrain, so you can fully enjoy cruising around the entire mountain.

The LIFE LINE is perfect for all types of powder, including backcountry, and cruising on the slopes, and is the only authentic surf shredder that lets you enjoy the feeling of riding waves even on snowy mountains.