[23-24 New model] sLAB.ONE that enables the best response and riding the way you want

Introducing SP bindings' masterpiece ``sLAB ONE'', which shows overwhelming performance in all situations and meets a wide range of needs from carvers to freestylers to powder.


sLAB.ONE, which supports not only high speed but also a wide range of motion, is also recommended for those who want to do high speed riding, carving, big jumps and park riding.

~ What are the features of sLAB ONE ~ The ankle strap is asymmetrical and designed to match the shape of the foot, creating a binding that can deliver excellent performance in medium and high speed ranges.The top of the highback is designed to be flexible, giving the rider more freedom, and an aluminum heel cup is used around the heel to provide a more direct power response.The base part reacts in various directions, not just left and right, front and back, and the foot pad has a moderate cant, making it easy to step firmly and smoothing the movement of the knees, allowing you to control the board without losing power. <Extremely thin base plate> It sharpens the sense of the soles of your feet and allows you to instantly transmit information coming from the snow surface.It also excels in power transmission when the rider steps in, creating a high response.It also supports quick movements and high-speed riding. <Ultra lightweight> Adopting an ultra-light ankle strap that is extremely light, we have succeeded in further reducing the weight.In addition to its attractive lightness, the base plate is also attractive because it has impact resistance at high speeds and when landing. <Unique hold feeling> The high back and ankle strap integrate the boots and bindings for the excellent SP's unique hold.Therefore, it is possible to directly transmit the movements you want to the board.

sLAB.ONE's excellent fit creates an outstanding hold and high response without unnecessary loss.The flexibility of the ankle allows you to control it as you want, even when skiing on uneven terrain, rough hard burns, or powder.sLAB.ONE is the best match for riders who not only do high-speed carving and big jumps, but also those who attack hard and continue to attack boldly under any conditions.sLAB.ONE, which responds instantly and provides the best performance, is a gem that you will definitely fall in love with once you use it.